Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Party Never Ends

Bastille Day or Fête Nationale as it is called in France didn't stop after our party (which we held on the weekend). On July 14th we met friends at "The Little Next Door". It is the charming cafe next to The Little Door restaurant. Its so French, the rumor is, if you aren't French and get a job there, you will have to perfect "zee accent".

The food is amazing. And the service is so authentically French! Incredibly slow, no hurries, no worries, it arrives when it does. It was nearly impossible to get the bill and they seemed shocked we wanted our desserts to go (we'd only been there two hours). They even allowed Mikka to bring her dog to the outdoor patio.

That evening we hit up another French dining institution, Comme Ça. They were slam packed that night and luckily we had been there previously an knew that service we received was not their normal style. Oh well, c'est la vie. It's who you go with that matters.
And we were there with Robb & Lewis and Landis and Tim. We continued the theme from our Bastille Day party by drinking French 75's. (Except Lyle. He'd had his fill on Saturday)

A few people (okay nearly everyone) have asked, "So who is from France?" Uh, none of us. But here is the great thing about the French culture, it's not hard to adopt. As much as I chaff at rules and regulations, the French way of enjoying life with many rules and regulations appeals to me. And the food, the glorious history of the food of France! You'd be a fool to not love that.

Lyle dit, "Viva La France!"

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