Tuesday, July 14, 2009


When Lyle and I sat down with Tim, Landis and Brad to discuss having a Bastille Day Party together I sensed something big in the works. I said "Big". I did not sense "MONUMENTAL".

What began as a "Wouldn't it be cool to have something like the Eiffel Tower leg jutting down in to the party," after a drink or two became, "Or even a miniature Eiffel tower," which after a few more glasses of champagne turned into "Oh hell, just build the whole damn thing in the driveway!"
And then Brad showed up the day before the party with his assistant David and this went up. I think you won't be surprised at all to find out that it literally STOPPED TRAFFIC on the street. "Are you having a PARTY!?""Uh, no, just a few friends over..."

Once inside the Eiffel Tower you are wrapped in a red jewel box with a crystal red chandelier. That chandelier is not usually over the driveway. Lyle changed it out just for the party.

Blue, white and red glowing orbs floated over the path to lead you back to the bar. Back to the crepe station, back to (shhhh, okay, I'll say it now. Yes, we were having a PARTY!)

Look at me! Look at me!! Look at me!!!

Brad arrived. As if the Eiffel tower weren't enough, he made large headdresses for extreme photo opportunities.A close up of this headdress reveals the banner says, "Let them drink Non-Vintage!"

Marie Antoinette attended sans skirt. Apparently she was running just ahead of an angry mob and didn't have time to finish dressing.

Two queens beat a full house.

Bryce, Joy, Kellie and Brian. Kellie wore her Blue sweater, white t-shirt and red face to honor the French.

When Penny arrived sporting all her Hermés orange bracelets and other accessories, I felt compelled to show her my Hermés dining room.

Brian, David, Brad, Christopher and me. I met David and Christopher through their blogs. Be sure to check out Dit21 and the Clever Fool.

A toast!

Erica and Landis cut a fine fashionable figure.

Special unexpected guest star, Ricky, flew in from Manhattan!

I've known Shawn "forever" he wonders what my secret is to staying so young. First off, I never say how long I've known someone.

And then PROMPTLY at 10:00 pm (I run a tight ship), SHOWGIRLS!

And that Queen steals the show.

After Marie lost her head, er, wig, it seemed to travel...

Robb is thrilled with Tim's inspired confetti fireworks.
Lyle is trying to figure out how to work them.

Lyle seems unimpressed after all.

Lyle and Tim were feeling no pain... at this point.
Don't ask about the next day.

Lyle Amadeus Mozart.

Mr. and Mrs Johnson give out party a "thumbs up" rating!

Parties don't happen in a vacuum. Thanks to Lyle, Tim, Brad, Landis, Ellys and the dancers, Robb & Lewis. And a party is just you sitting around your house in fancy clothes if no one shows up. So a big thank you to the guests who made it what it was... A PARTY!


Rachel said...

Thank you for throwing that party! It was so much fun!

jason said...

unbelievably fabulous!!

Michael Guy said...

I agree, Jason...WAY too fabulous! I'm sure you were exhausted afterwards.