Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Wedding, L.A. Style

Two weeks ago, our friends Tim & Mikka got married. As a former bride myself I had a few tips for the happy couple during the lead up to the big day. And when I say "a few tips", I guess I mean "I made their heads spin and their eyes bug out."

When Mikka came over to show off her big hunk of new glamorous jewelry I squealed like Charlotte in that recent "Sex & The City" movie. The second thing I said, right after "CONGRATULATIONS!!!" was "Do you wanna' look through my bride books?"

Mikka was stunned, not only did she not have any bride books, she didn't have a note book full of tear sheets that showed various cakes, bouquets, table settings and checklists. From that day forward we had weekly meetings.

As a former bride I had much advice to offer and most of it was passed along from other brides. "Say yes to people who offer to help. You can't do it alone."
"It is a huge day, something will go wrong. That doesn't mean the whole day is ruined."
"The day will spin past you in such a hurry that you won't remember a thing. Don't let that happen. Remember where you are. Take a pause. Take it all in."
The ring bearer, Emit.

And then the big day actually arrived. I only got four hours of sleep the night before. Did I have too much coffee? Did I sleep in too late this morning? Why am I up at 7 am? OH MY GOD, I just realized... I'M SO EXCITED!!!! (I think this was the first wedding I was going to since we got married, I just discovered that as a from er bride myself, I get to relive my entire wedding day all over again each time. Oh my god, that is totally the best thing ever.)

We met Mikka and Tim through our friend Cathy and she flew down from Vancouver to spend the weekend with us. Now, I knew there would be tons of others taking photos so I kinda' lamed out and didn't take too many. But here are a choice few.

Cathy and Mikka.

Giving the camera "Country Club style" at the reception.

Giving the camera "Ham it up like Jim, style" at the reception.

I had such a good time with all of the friends and family. I'm pretty certain I have offered our guest room to just about everyone I met from out of town. I also know that I offered Lyle's cooking skills to all the family members on both sides of the aisle. And I have to tell you about the most amazing girl I met at the wedding.

I was told to take it slow and not give her the full "Jim-Wow!" effect. But Cathy started it on Friday when she gave Mikka some trousseau items when we were having our nails all done. That's when I saw it, that spark of something devious in her eyes. I knew we would be kindred spirits and all bets were off.

She came from a small town outside of Ottawa and she lived on a farm. And by the end of the reception on Saturday we were talking about when she was coming back and staying at my house, would she like another margarita and what time would she be performing on the stage if I brought her a red feather boa... I hope Lyle can handle it, because I may be having an affair...
I'm in love with Mikka's Oma.


Tanya said...

You'll be happy to hear that she is STILL talking about you. I wish she had a computer so she could see this. She adores you. What a great post.

jason said...

too cute, both of you!