Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Not in my house!

Ever watch the news? Me, not so much. I talked to my brother last night and he was telling me of a conversation he had with a friend.

"It's wrong to watch Fox news," said my brother.
"But it's fun," said his friend.
"That's why it's wrong. News isn't supposed to be fun."
"Fine, I'll watch CNN."
"No. They're no good either, just a bunch of technology gadgets looking for time to kill."
"Well where am I supposed to get my news?"
"BBC America."
"No way. I moved from Britain to the US to be free. I'll take News-fo-tainment, thank you."

I don't watch the news. I decided way back in the day when the news was all about how many men were dying of AIDS and how many more would. Some of those nameless people were friends of mine and it was gut wrenching. I decided I didn't need the news to make me feel bad, I could look around and feel bad. Or maybe I could look around and feel like my life wasn't crap if I could just shut out all that noise trying to bring the world of doom to my doorstep.

I'm may be somewhat of a Pollyanna (Let's play the Glad Game!) but I do know there is a world out there. I understand I can have an influence, but my range of how far that influence can reach is limited.

We lived in Los Angeles during a very famous clebrity murder trail. I refuse to write the name in my blog. I will say that since then, I never order orange juice by it's initials. I worked VERY diligently to avoid any information on that circus. By doing so, I probably still know about ten times more than people who live in Kansas and tried to keep up with it but far less than most people in Los Angeles.

I think my view on some of this can best be summed up by my sister's friend Marsha. Her son asked her who was this person was and what was going on. Everyone at his school was talking about it. I think he was 8. Her answer guides me through these troubling times of panty-less starlets and celebrity rehabs,

"We don't know him. We will never meet him. His life doesn't affect ours."

Today is a big day in Los Angeles. Helicopters everywhere. The only thing I need to know is to not go near downtown, or near his star on the Walk of Fame.
Yes, it's sad. But not as sad as when my aunt Margrete passed away. I knew her. I grew up with her. She held sway over my life and how I lived it. That guy? Sure I listened to his music. But even though he's dead, I still can. My condolences to his family, but his death doesn't really impact my life at all.

What to say about these people?
I don't watch your show. I don't live next door. I don't believe anything that happens on "reality tv" is real so I don't have any information on you that isn't filtered through a tv camera. Until you live next door I don't care what happens to you.

This one I may have fallen into the trap just a teeny bit. You see, I do watch the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.In a twisted bit of logic, her life does interact with mine. Every time she opens her mouth and gives an opinion that other people latch onto, that can have some impact on me. Perhaps that is why I took some joy in her recent crash and burn.

Best way to lead? Quit!

"Yes, I'd like a raise please."
Alright, tell me why you deserve a raise.
"I know how to lead this company."
And how will you lead this company?
"I quit."
You're quitting?
"I think it's best for the company. Please give me twice my usual salary now. Thank you."

My plan for all these people is the same as the bully on the playground. Ignore them and they will go away. If that doesn't work, kick them in the nuts and run away really fast.


Carolyn said...

Where have you been? Now I know how you feel. I kept checking your blog every day and there wasn't anything new FOREVER!!
I am sad about MJ, but not enough to cry.
I don't care about Jon and Kate either. They disgust me.
Sarah Palin is an idiot, but that's just a given.
I only care about you. How are you?

jason said...

Oh, how I wish I had your fortitude and could keep from watching. I am doing better, however. The tv has been unplugged for the better part of the month. Still, the news seeps in.