Thursday, July 09, 2009


We've been eating very well around here lately thank you. Everything is in season! It's not growing in my garden but I love to buy a bundle of fresh dill and keep in in the door of my fridge. Every time I open the fridge it smells like summer!

We've given up on growing some things because we live near a very nice Sunday Farmer's market. All fresh, all organic, and we can ride our bikes. I would like to give you bike riders a small tip on going to the farmer's markets. Take some Tupperware for fresh fruit and tomatoes. Not to keep it fresh, but to keep it safe. We've learned that no matter how well you pack it in your bag, stuff shifts and the most delicate always gets squished.

This Greek salad is brought to you by... our garden! Cucumber tomatoes and yellow peppers.

And here's our easy appetizer that requires no cooking when it's too hot to cook. Some Parmesan and Reggiano cheeses, cured olives and some aged balsamic red wine vinegar to drizzle over the cheese bits. Easy, low prep.


The T-Dude said...

Yum. That looks so good.

A Lewis said...

Without a doubt, unequivocally, fresh summer peaches are my all-time favorite. Grilled, in salads, for breakfast, over ice cream.....