Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Auf Wiedersehen, Wien!

Well today will be a quickie because I am counting down the minutes we have left in Vienna and the time ahead of us in Budapest!

My camera battery didn't charge properly last night, so Robb was in charge of almost all the photos today. As it is our history, on the last day, we panic shopped. In Between we toured. The highlight was the Majolika Haus an art nouveau building in Vienna. (photo below)

Lyle needed a warmer coat desperatly. So I bought a white leather jacket. Robb bought a nice wool car coat that will go with a suit or jeans (Hugo Boss). and finally, at the end of our day, Lyle bought a coat with a fur lining. Of course.

Lyle and Robb trying the jacket that I ultimatly purchased. They had to try it on so I could see how it would look (only better on me). It has a bit of a "project" on it, I must get rid of that confederate flag patch on the front!

The most beautiful building in Vienna.

Interesting poster along the street...

Ah, Einspänner... I think I'll miss you most of all...


Rachel said...

I'm betting Vienna will be a place you go back to.

Jim said...

Oh, it's lovely... but it's no Paris!

I could deifintly coem back to Vienna, but it may not be the first place... and it would need a good arifare... oh hell, where wouldn't need a good airfare?