Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Robb's Wiener!

Today we changed hotels. Le Meridian is exactly the opposite of the Bristol. Modern, sleek, minimalist. I can’t find any light switches.

We dropped off our bags and began our day. Fist stop the Secession Building. An “eyesore” when it was built, this beautiful building now houses modern art. But as they were installing a new exhibit, we could only see the old modern art. Gustav Klimt, Beethoven Frieze: This Kiss to the Whole World. Quite stunning.

We then made our way “out of town”. Much like as if we’d spent three days exploring the area around Beverly Center and then took a grand tour to Hollywood blvd. In any case, it was a change of pace.

Had a lovely meal (you know I’ve got photos) and then took a walk in the frigid brittle winter. Always so enjoyable.

At last we made out way to Schönbrunn Palace. Possibly the most famous two details of this palace are the fact the Mozart played concerts here when he was as young as 4 and that Marie Antoinette was born and raised here.

We had planned to just walk by... you know, “seen one Versailles seen ‘em all” kind of attitude. But it was so cold we wound up going in to escape. It was very lovely. Mind you, it was no Versailles.

Then back to our new hotel, some gym, sauna and unpacking time and voila! Here we are!

Required coffee and whipped cream photo of the day.

So civilized. Here's is one of the three dogs having lunch today with us.

In front of Schönbrunn Palace.

Like Marie Antoinette before him, Robb nearly lost his head over the palace!

Well, you know you've made it when your toilet is so fancy and everyone wants to see it!

Palace, shmallace...

Won't you take me to... europafunk-y town?

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