Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A promise fulfilled.

The last missing pice of luggage appeared. And you want to guess when? While we were out shopping to replace what was inside it.

I just kept believing and hoping that it would show up. So much so, that though I bought some needed clothes, I hadn’t replaced the toilet tries. I just didn’t want to go through all the drama of trying to find things “like” the ones I wanted. I wanted MINE. I didn’t want deodorant that would make me smell differently (or smell at all). I wanted MY shaving supplies. I wanted my fucking sweaters!!!

So all is nearly right with the world.. except now I want BA or American to pay for Lyle’s new coat (because he didn’t have one warm enough on him when we landed - it was in the checked bag) and my pants. Because I wouldn’t have bought as heavy a pair of pants if I’d have had mine here.

After the symphony last night, Robb & Lewis met us for a late night dinner and of course, dessert. Who could have dessert without some einspänner?! So after dinner (you know, midnight) we were raring to go. But what to do at midnight on a Monday...

We took the tram across town, got off, and wandered back towards the hotel in a meandering a route as possible.

Hey, when the weather dries up and the wind dies down you grab what precious time you have and see some sights!

Today we change hotels to the Le Meridian.
Yesterday, in between showers.
(Note my delightful dress pants worn all day before my jeans and sweaters arrived.)


Mickey said...

It all looks fabulous... and obviously the weather hasn't cooled anyone's fervor! Which is our hotel in Argentina? Looking forward to more photos (& commentary)... but can't get back to the home site after clicking on the emphasized words? Any suggestions? is it just me??

Love & best grand wishes, MMU

Jim said...

Two ways to go about the "emphasised words"... you can try to open them in a new window, or use your "back button" on your browser... I'll see if I can change the way they work as well.

Yea! People read this!

Katy said...

Your glee at getting that case back looks incomparable. So much happy.

(Also the second photo is ace. The reflections are cool.)