Sunday, January 28, 2007


Woke up today (Sunday) in Vienna! After all the talk of jet lag, I find a late night of drinking, passing out in your hotel and waking up in the morning always re-sets my clock. I’m totally on local time now.

Since Lyle has only the clothes on his back and I have just the pair of jeans I wore (thin jeans for travel) and two pairs of dress pants - we thought we should go shopping and get a few things (like hair gel?).

“I’m sorry, this is Austria. Nothing is open on Sunday.” the concierge told us. He isn’t kidding. About a quarter of the restaurants are open and that is it. Nothing. Nada. Nunco. Zip.

So I hope we all like Lyle’s pants. Because though I can give him underwear, socks and T-shirts and Robb can lend hum (and me) sweaters and scarves, no one in the group wears the same size pants as Lyle. Thank god they are dark color to not show any dirt.

Today we did a mini-tour of Vienna. Bought our transit passes and rode the tram around the Ring Road. Then coffee (einspänner) at the Imperial Hotel and nice hike in the freezing frigid weather to the Belvedere Museum. It’s a former palace that now houses a large collection of Gustav Klimnt art. That totally shoots me in the foot over the story I told Sheryl Larson that I never go to museums when we travel. Hey, there was NOTHING else open. We tortured Lyle that he could buy a nice Klimnt T-shirt, scarf and umbrella. Only thing open in Vienna on a Sunday, museum gift shops.

The tour begins... I hope you like Lyle's pants.
So far they're in every photo of him!

Supermodel Heidi Klum wants to take me shopping or to Wonderland!

Inside the Belvedere Palace in the "Grotesque" Room.
Those are satan's minions working!

Belvedere formal gardens covered in snow.

Hi Lyle, nice pants.

Sculptural decor over a doorway. I swear the one guy is checking out the other guy's butt. Notice how cold it is? His nipple seems to be quite hard.

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