Monday, January 29, 2007

Auntie Em! Auntie Em! It’s a twister!!!

Hooray! Another bag has shown up!

Of the two missing bags, the one with Lyle’s puffy coat, some socks for him, some underwear for him and more shoes for him arrived at about 8 p.m. Sunday night.

On the downside, the third and final piece of luggage still missing contains his flannel lined pants, all my jeans, all our sweaters and all our toiletries. So if either one of us looks a little “rough” in the pics, it’s because our delicate skin is not getting its preferred regime.

The weather has also taken a turn. Instead of being bitterly cold, it’s now also added brutally windy. No more snow, but some freezing pellets of rain tried to drive themselves through my cheek last night on the way to dinner.

Today was a very light picture day. Because it was such awful weather! I woke up at 6 am. I did my yoga, my stretching, my daily meditation.

Did you actually believe that for even a second!?!

Woke up at 6 am. Swore inside my head so as to not wake Lyle. Finally about 6:30, I realize I am not going to fall back asleep so I got up.

I gathered up the guide books (they were packed in the luggage that had FINALLY arrived) and then went to the dressing room closet and closed myself inside to read without the light spilling out and waking up Lyle.

I read until about 8. The weather kept turning. At 6 am, it was WINDY, bright and spotty clouds went flying by. At 7 it was pouring rain. At 8 it was clear and dry. At 8:30 it was pouring. The wind kept moving weather through faster than can shop a 70% off sale!

At 9 am I phoned Robb & Lewis. They were not up yet and would call me when they were.

I got dressed. I checked on the weather. I changed my shoes. I checked on the weather. I changed my shoes. I checked on the weather and I changed my shoes again. At 9:30 Robb, Lewis and I went out for breakfast.

We went out the front hotel door and ducked straight away into the subway. We weren’t taking the subway anywhere, we were crossing the street and walking a block underground out of the weather.

We ate at a local institution called Aida. Mostly it’s a pastry shop. So by default we were forced to eat pastry for breakfast. I had the cremeschnitte. It was my second one of the trip. My fist one was yesterday but I ate it so fast I forgot to get a photo before it was all over. YUMMY. It’s basically a piece of puff pasty on the bottom a piece on the top and yummy delicious wholesome whipped cream (schlagober) filling as high they feel safe to go. In the cremeschnitte picture here, they have added a completely unnecessary middle layer of puff pastry.

Lyle joined us for lunch at Julius Meinl. Its an international grocery store that collects the best of everything from around the globe. Oh, and it’s also a deli, a bakery, fresh fish, coffee bar, wine store, restaurant, tea shop, art gallery and a bank. Primarily a financial institution I am told. Ha!

Then it was shopping, shopping, shopping. I needed something either than dress pants and thin jeans to wear in public. Went to H&M, Diesel, H&M, Zara, H&M, Hugo Boss and H&M. Bought two pairs of pants. One actually from H&M.

Robb & Lewis are headed to a symphony tonight of Mozart. Can you believe it? Mozart. In Vienna!

Lyle is taking a nap and I will be going to the gym.

Lyle's hair got a little big from the hurricane hair stylist.

As the clouds roll by...

Special photo for Chandra. In the store here, they actually sell "Toast".
(In reality, it's just plain bread.)

Lewis really enjoyed the Diesel Store... chair.

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c.rooney said...

I believe you will note from its square shape that it is obviously NOT plain bread.