Saturday, January 27, 2007

Travelling, Travelling...

So, we bolted out of bed at 7:30 this morning (a rarity for me) and began the panic for the airport morning. I needed to go BACK to the dry cleaners to get some alterations that weren't ready last night (sigh) and pick up a million dollars worth of pills for lovely little Lola (it was time for a re-fill.

Then we headed off to LAX for our Noon flight.

Upgraded to business class, the flight from LAX to JFK was uneventful (except that I watched Nanny McPhee on the laptop. It's AWFUL. And I LOVED it. Go figure. It has a very predictable and happy ending which is just my style.

On arrival at JFK we had 45 minutes to change planes. Turns out it was only a 3 mile dash. Out of one terminal and then back through security again. Yes, that will be the fourth bottle of water I have had to throw out today.

We make it, slightly breathless and board the plane. Then we sit for two hours waiting for a mechanical issue to be worked out. Always withe the seatbelt sign on. No food. Luckily water for us high and mighty folk in business or first class. This is when I fall asleep.

We take off. This is when I wake up. I don't sleep again until we are about to land in London two hours behind schedule.

We land at the same time our connection is taking off. British Airways (our travel connection) has already booked us onto a flight in 2 and half hours. We've showered and eaten in the international arrivals Lounge. Next up is shopping Duty Free in Heathrow Terminal 4. Fabulous.

So until we are settled in Vienna (24 hours worth of travel later) let me leave you with a link to a video that is playing in my head and on my ipod... Simply click HERE.

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Rachel said...

I LOVED Nanny McPhee and thank you so much for that walk down memory lane with Falco. You don't happen to have 99 Luft Balloons handy, do you?