Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Something new?

Okay, I'm gonna try something new.

Went out last night and saw some music videos I thought we really fun. Now the annoying part is, I'd had a couple of beers (yes, I said beer - cheaper than water here) and can only remember two of the three I liked best. It's not that I was super drunk, I think the DJ was. He kept cutting away the video before the end of the songs to put on a new video. So I never got to read the artist's name or song name.

Luckily, I knew who two of the three were and was able to find the video without knowing the song name. The final one, I will continue to seek...

Now, let see if I can get them to post here. One is by Take That and the other is by Freemason.

A-Ha! I found the third one (only took about an hour of searching) and it's by Princess Superstar adn lordy, this video is odd.


Rachel said...

Those ALL made me feel nostalgic.

Take That made me think of a 21st century ramped up combo of The Beatles, The BeeGees and a teensy bit of Elton John. Loved it.

Freemason reminded me of The Gandy. Kept wondering when I'd be smelling cigarrettes next and when would the smoke machine for the floor come on.

The last one - Princess Superstar - reminded me of being up WAY too late and being WAY too drunk and being in a bar that was just a little too fuzzy around the edges for my comfort zone......

Rachel said...

A Ludo et Vexo moment for you: