Sunday, February 18, 2007

Busy weekend

Lyle's parents have been here for a week and this is our last weekend with them. That means we had to go the outlet mall, out to Gladstone's for breakfast, fit in a meal of Mexican food and complete all projects begun on their arrival. Whew!

Last weekend we had a small taste of this weekend when we put in stepping stones and gravel from the sidewalk to the house.

In the middle, Mary has palnted flowers under our lemon tree, picked up all sorts of UCLA swag from the on campus bookstore and kept us abreast of all news happenign in the world. Bill has solved the wiring mystery the blew out all power in the front half of the house, changed out the guest room light to the new light and ceiling fan, placed the dishwasher on its own cicuit breaker (my father will be so happy), the internet has been hard-wired into Chandra's room and of course, the yard is nearly completed. I'm sure there is something else, but I am tired.

On Friday I worked on the rest of the front yard with Lyle's dad. Digging it up and putting in edging and then digging and digging and digging. Lyle's dad, Bill, puts us younger folks to shame. While I am nearly passed out laying flat in the driveway, he is swinging a pick axe to break up the clay dirt that comprises our yard.

After yard work I went to the gym and did a leg workout. Yummy (not). Then it was home, quick bite and out for Joy's birthday (she work's with Lyle) and then home to blissful (leg cramp filled) sleep.

Saturday morning I met my friend Lee at 7 am for cardio kick boxing. Yes, I am officially CRAZY. When I got home, Lyle took the dogs rollerblading, we had breakfast and then we went out and got plants. I had forgotten that after we purchased plants we would (oh the horror) have to come home and put them in the ground. I hate that clay yard.

Finally freed from the yard by blessed sunset, we went out for Mexican Food to El Compadre. After dinner I went out with Doug for a celebratory drink the day after his birthday, and then, back to blissful (leg cramp filled) sleep.

Sunday brought us to breakfast at Gladstone's, the outlet mall and home... to dig a hole in the front yard to put in the fountain. I hate that clay yard.

So it's all done for now. And for the first time in a LONG time I am looking forward to the idea that it may rain. Because if it rains, no one can make me dig in the yard.

Below is a "word cloud" of my blog this month prior to this post. It illustrates in graphics how often a word was used. larger font, heavier type indicates frequency of a word used. No surprise that the words Robb, Lewis and Lyle are used a lot. Budapest comes up more than Vienna because Vienna was used more in January.

Apparently I really like to talk about my bag, being home, showing you photos and think most everything can be described using the word lovely.


Rachel said...

Mom's clay yard we did everything to break it up. Everytime we made coffee or tea, the grounds and the leaves got tossed in the clay dirt and then shoveled in to break it up. God, that took forever to get it decent.

I wondered what had happened to Doug's birthday. I had a note about Varla Jean and then that disappeared. I guess I should send him a card, huh?

c.rooney said...

You forgot to mention that my sunglasses made it rain. ;)