Monday, February 19, 2007

Sign up for updates

When I started this (wow, not even a full month ago) Vida asked how she would know if I wrote anything or if she would need to check in every day.

I told here I was sure there was a way to sign up for something that would notify you when I wrote something but that I had no idea how to make that happen yet.

I think I found something.

over on the right hand side below the photo of me and Miss Joan Collins, below the links to previous posts, is a subscription sign up box. I believe it will give you the option of daily or weekly e-mails that will deliver whatever I spew out here into your e-mail. All without having to spend you every waking moment clicking back to this blog to see if I did anything.

Try it if you'd like. If it sucks, let me know and I'll keep searching for a better answer.


Rachel said...

I think that works, but I also think some browsers have an RSS or ATOM feed option and you can sign up or subscribe to those and they let you know if there are updates. But I think the subscription button might be easier for people who aren't online all the time and just want a quick email.

Habit Forming said...

YOU ARE laughing...

~Vida said...

This so works out for me. I love getting the emails. Thanks so much for considering my request. What great customer service!