Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jim Class

A recent announcement by British Airways states that they will soon be charging for a second checked bag. As you may recall, they also only allow ONE carry on bag.

People who don’t travel often sometimes scoff at how much we luggage we seem to take on vacation. In the winter I need to pack heavier coats, boots, scarves, gloves and the lot. Travelling to sunny climates is much easier. Flip flops two pairs of shorts and I’ll buy a T-shirt.

But why oh why, do I seem to pack so much?

The answer is simple: The Photos.

You never know where the photographers will pop up and you must be ready. Ready with a change of clothes so every single photo doesn’t look like it happened on the same day (unless you luggage gets lost, then you have to start rotating your clothes with your friends).

Here are some candid shots I haven’t posted. Think of this as the bonus feature on a DVD. Perhaps even the outtakes or Blooper reel...

You knew I had this photo!