Friday, February 16, 2007


Let's just be brutally honest here, Robb and I think we are supermodels.

When we travel we see ourselves walking the runways of every European capitol by virtue of strutting our stuff through the airport duty free shops.

Once we arrive at our real destination, we take the opportunity to capture ourselves as the true fashionistas we are.

As goofy as these shots are and as unhappy as Robb my be with me for putting them up here, I can safely say that I have fulfilled my one promise at the beginning, I've not posted any photos of anyone on a bidet.

This one is for Wallpaper Magazine.

Succeeding at Secession!

For the winter issue of Vogue.

Central Europe meets West Hollywood.


Rachel said...

THINK you're supermodels?!?!?

Great. The supermodels are married to the emperors......

Now, there's a story. ;-)

Jim said...

You know, like Prince Charles and Diana... Prince Ranier and Grace Kelly? David Bowie and Iman?

Lyle said...

ha, ha, ha

Jim said...

Oh my god. Lyle actually made a comment!

Rachel said...

*snort* Scuse me. I think I just spilled my tea.