Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Home agins, home again, Jiggety Jog...

After 30 hours of being awake, 26 of those spent in airports or airplanes, we are home.

Got to the house about 2 am Monday night/Tuesday morning.

Dogs happy. Boys smelly.

Housekeeper got here at 8 am. Luggage is unpacked. Need to get some stuff organized and then will spill what I can about the rest of our last trip on this here bloggie thingy.

Be warned, I despise London's Heathrow airport and for all future plans will do my best to NEVER EVER FLY THROUGH THERE AGAIN. And you thought U.S. airports were idiotic?

Okay, obviously still a little cranky.


Rachel said...

Yeah. I've heard that about Heathrow. But at least you have all your luggage.....

Katy said...

Heathrow is evil. Did you have to change terminals? Because having to go from the two main ones to the one that is inexplicably miles away from the rest, especially with the tube link down, is not nice as well well.

For added fun, get to Heathrow from central London with a tonne of luggage on the Tube. It's ever so enjoyable.