Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Housey housey

Aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! My life is so boring!!! Thank god!

To the left, a photo of Mary being scared out of her wits by a giant metal dinosaur on the side of the road in Malibu last weekend.

Here's a few other random photos to give you the updated version of what the heck my life looks like.

Front yard, dug up, planted and in the middle a new fountain!

The parking strip out front, dug up and planted.

Jim & Lyle set to sea in the Gladstone tugboat...

Bill & Mary pose for the paparazzi in Gladstone's pipe seat.

Coffee at Gladstone in the morning comes with chocolate chips, chocolate whipped cream and some creamer packs. (sigh) it's no einspänner...

If you believe in reincarnation, you'd best be wishing to come back as one of our dogs. Here's Cooper enjoying his afternoon nap and stretch...

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Rachel said...

Yeah, I need remember to get some chocochips for my morning cuppa.