Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lyle's B'day

In trying to get all the vacation stuff up online in some sort of order, I realize the real day to day stuff of no interest to anyone is getting pushed off to the side. So, before it falls off the radar, here are pics from Lyle's Birthday.

Lyle's birthday was February 7th. On that Wednesday, I took him out for a romantic meal at La Cachette near Century City. Lovely French cuisine though after all the foie gras we'd had in Budapest Lyle said there was no way he could eat any more... and right after that he ordered the filet mignon with foie gras.

Lyle's parents came to visit on Friday so we held off and had dinner with friends and family on Saturday.

Here's the unbelievable part, I COOKED.

I made Beef Bourginion (very difficult Julia Child recipe that take 6 hours of prep time the day before. I make it ONCE a year - if you're lucky). And then I made my new favorite winter dish from Hungary, Pasta and Cabbage. Sounds gross in person but oh so tasty when cooked with duck or bacon fat.

For dessert we skipped the usual Sweet Lady Jane Triple Berry Cake and bought a berry cake from Susina Bakery. SLJ has the worst attitude and even more horrible customer service. To phone them is an exercise in futility and they really treat you like they are doing you a favor to charge you $65 for the privilege of getting a cake from them.

In contrast, Susina told us they normally need 24 hours to fulfill a cake order but managed to get us our cake in 8 hours and it cost only $55. Love Susina. In my neighborhood. Easy parking. All their desserts a yummy and the staff is even yummier.
I couldn't find the regular birthday candles. Did I throw them out when we moved? But I could find this Hello Kitty Candle I had purchased for Chandra's birthday! (note Mr. Cooper in the background looking very interested)

Lyle's special name tag off the cake!

Hello Kitty forms a conga line with the deer salt & pepper shakers.

Apropos of nothing, there was a large squirrel in our yard praying a the Buddha this week!