Saturday, June 23, 2007

Catching up with me.

So many little things to clarify, answer or share. Here's one.

Two weeks ago we went to see Madame. As in Wayland Flowers and Madame, except that Wayland Flowers passed away about 16 years ago, so now it’s Madame with Joe Kovacs. It was held at M Bar and Restaurant in Los Angeles. It was a dinner show and so we ordered dinner. What a mistake. It was like Chef Boyardee had served up some ravioli and to compensate for the lack of ingredients in the food, he went crazy with garlic. Common wisdom is that if you eat garlic, you become immune to its odor. And it is said that if you are going to have garlic, everyone at the table should have it, that way you will all become immune together.

We ate Friday night. I was still apologizing on Sunday. Ugh.

Back to Madame. There were three portions to the show. Madame’s entry and opening monologue. Then came a different puppet, Crazy Mary. Finally Madam returned and closed the show. Mercifully.

The opening was alright. I kept thinking I really enjoyed the original Madame and wondered how close this performance was to that. In my mind it was falling far short.

Turns out it was incredible close to the original. Apparently we were younger and simpler then.

Then out came Crazy Mary. AWFUL. So bad that the refrain “whore toe” rang in my ear longer than the garlic stayed on my breath.

Back came Madame and I began to wish I did heroin or LSD. Anything to make this performance funny. Show over, we ran for the exit and I managed to dodge meeting Madame on the way out. AS you must be fully aware, it’s a rare day I dodge any sort of celebrity meeting chance. Yeah, that bad.


Rachel said...

Criminently! Well - I hope you have some really good chocolate to help get rid of those memories. Chocolate always helps me.

Christina said...

My grandparents want to thank you for the cucumbers from your garden. They are very yummy, but I think Grandma wants to do something "pickle" wise with them. I have no idea, but those older people are full of surprises. Not the fun surprises like the moonshine, but well, we'll see where they go with it.