Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tag. I'm it.

Jay from "Jay+Gay=Me" tagged me. It's official. I am no longer a blogging virgin. This tag is something along the lines of 8 things you may not now about me.

Um, I've given this site out to EVERYONE I know and I also post photos of myself and friends... it's highly unlikely that I will ever post something truly incriminating or embarrassing about myself or cruel about someone else on this thing. So I shall turn to perhaps, fun facts.

1) My itunes library has 29,746 items in it. Of that, I'd guess about 5,000 are duplicates (things crashed, things got saved, things got pulled off of different computers. MESSY). But even at that rate it means I have almost 25,000 songs, movies, and videos in this blasted thing. Pick a theme. I've got a playlist for that. Okay, NOT Heavy Metal smartass.

2) I'm a big liar who rarely lies (or vice versa). I try to always tell the truth. "How are you?" I have a headache and I hate the rain. "Do you like this shirt?" You'd look better in something that buttons up instead of a pull over. "Did you say I was stupid?" No, I said that you sounded stupid.

But then I lie. "How old are you?" 34. "Did that taste alright?" I've never had such delightful pudding. "Are you avoiding my calls?" My cell phone broke yesterday.

And in case you're wondering, I'd never lie to any of you. I promise...

3) I speed. Anywhere worth going to is worth getting to sooner. SO GET OUT OF MY WAY.

4) I'd have 14 dogs right now if I were allowed to. Not any dogs in particular. Just every stray I've ever seen. I've had to take different routes to jobs in the past to avoid seeing "dingos" on my way to and from work.

5) I like to stay up late. The house is quiet and no one is looking for me.

6) I think Drag Queens should always be funny. Nothing worse than a SERIOUS drag queen. I didn't come to the Queen Mary Show Lounge thinking I would actually see Celine Dion. Please don't try to re-create her for me.

7) My life is not perfect. No one's is. But as my best friend Sheryl Crow says in one of her songs "It's not getting what you want, it's wanting what you've got." And no, I don't really know Sheryl Crow, but I do know where she lives. (Sheryl, feel free to call me. We can go for a hike up the hill or just watch the sunset from the house.)

8) Some of the nicest people I know work in porn. Some of the scariest as well. You just never know.

Now, I'm supposed to "tag" 8 more people. But I hate chain letters. So if anyone wants to volunteer, be my guest. Just put a note below here that you've done your eight and add a link with which we can track you down.


jay said...

I'm your first. Woohoo. I popped a few tagging cherries apparently. LOL.

I like to stay up late too, in fact I have to get up for work in like 3 hours!

Rachel said...

I'll have to think about this one and see what I can come up with.

Christopher said...

#8 really has me intrigued!...details, please!

Carolyn said...

Okay, I am such a blog-virgin that I have no idea what it means to be tagged or what you are supposed to do if you are tagged. All I know is that I WANT TO BE TAGGED. So, tell me what to do and I will do it. I am such a whore.