Monday, June 11, 2007

A Gay Old Time

After months of preparation and a dry run at Gay Pride in Long Beach, Gay Pride arrived in Los Angeles. My preparation was mostly to make sure I had a mani/pedi last week, fresh hair-do and a groovy outfit.

I bought the plaid shorts at H&M about two months ago. I went in search of the plaid short that didn't make my ass look wide. I was on a mission. I found these at my first stop. Well, first stop that day of plaid short hunting. I had actually scouted the stores for a month prior to determine where I would be going on my day of very serious trying on.

Plaid shorts checked off the list, I wore them in advance of Gay Pride. I needed to check pocket depth (so things don't fall out) and how the shorts looked when filled with wallet, camera and phone.

Then I needed to decide what shirt I would be wearing. I test drove a plain white T-shirt. I test drove a white polo shirt. I tested a white tank top. But ultimately it came to me that what I needed was a dark color shirt (people spill things on you at Gay Pride) with a collar and sleeves (shield the neck and shoulders from the sun) yet still breathable with short sleeves to show off my massive arm work outs. (sarcasm implied)

Knowing that what I really wanted to wear was my white polo shirt, just in a darker color, I went back to the mall on Saturday on a quest for THE navy blue LaCoste polo.

Ricky and I did not coordinate our looks. But I was thrilled that my arrival for brunch at his house in the same shirt as him sent him into a tizzy. I love Ricky in a tizzy.

Mimosas eased the pain of being twins for us and we went out in our matching shirts.
This is Lyle's last official portrait at Gay Pride before he bolts for the exit. I made certain to get a photo of Lyle before he went home so I could prove to others that he had come out at all. For the remainder of my time out at Gay Pride I was forced to haul out my camera and show people this picture to prove he exists.

I swear we only had two little drinks... an hour... since 11 am... I think this photo was at about 5 pm... I swear...

How can you not take a photo with that shirt? POODLE!

Yeah, this photo is blurry and cut off my head. But I wanted to show that there is nothing original in the world of Gay Pride Fashion. I say my wardrobe choice of solid polo shirt/plaid pants repeated so many times I gave up counting. Strangely it was mostly on the lesbians. Then I finally saw someone with the same shorts on as me! I told him I loved his taste.

Ricky and Brad went home about 9 pm. I went out and met up with some other friends. Lyle called me around 11 and told me he was coming to pick me up. "But I don't want to go home!" He persisted and my liver thanks him this morning.

My ears however are still ringing from all that loud disco music.


Rachel said...

Toy boy! Boy Toy....!

Carolyn said...

I totally want to be gay now so I can go shopping for plaid shorts! I love plaid.

Jim said...

Well, depending on how "casual" your haircut is, if you get plaid shorts, a solid color polo shirt and go to Gay Pride, you could be a lesbian.

But I think what you really want to be is a gay man. Plaid shorts on a gay man are far less likely to make him look "hippy".

jay said...

Good choice of outfits. i really do hate it when I end up with the same stuff as people I know (or even people that I don't know) but that's life.

Looks like Pride was fun, we're having Pride here in Pittsburgh this weekend, we'll see how that goes.

Carolyn said...

I agree...
I would be a much better gay man than I would a lesbian. I care WAY too much about looking "hippy" to be a lesbian. Plus, I'm all about highlights.