Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Missy gets her due

My niece Chandra (in the pic above, in her own hair without a wig on) has sold a piece of her writing. Since I didn't do any of it, it's not my tale to tell, but you can check out her news on her site, Dreaming in Red. And if you feel so inclined, tell her congratulations.

Me? I bought her raspberry tarts. Yummy and congratulatory!


Rachel said...

YAY for Rasp-ppppp-berry Tarts!

Hooray for Chandra!

Hooray for Jim because he is so cool!

c.rooney said...

I think I will wear a wig for Halloween this year, because I can't see doing that bleach thing to my hair just for one night of "look at me, I'm Gwen Stefani and these are my Harajuku gays."

Christina said...

I love that picture.