Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Boss (Miss Ross)

On Tuesday evening we went to see Diana Ross in concert.

I had seen Diana Ross in concert many, many, many years ago in Portland with my friend Gwenda. It was an amazing show. This concert was to be the cruise group (I promise to get those posts soon). All six of us out for one last fun evening.

Except I have a cold - but I drugged up and went anyway. Diane had some stomach issue and didn't go. Lewis went, then halfway through realized he may have food poisoning and spent the remainder of the concert "very close" to the bathroom with Robb holding his hair.

That left Mickey, Lyle and I. Thank god we were in the one section of the auditorium that didn't pop up to dance to every single song. We were officially in the "old farts" seating. Good for us!

Diana did not disappoint. I can't believe how great she looked (I did not bring my binoculars) and how much she could sing. And for being somewhere in her 60's she has one high and fabulous ass.

The set she used was incredibly 80's. Her gowns seemed to be recycled from previous shows. I could have sworn it was drag queens up on stage as she seemed every bit a cliche of herself.

But who cared? it was Diana Ross!

There's a glowing review of her show on the Diana Ross fan site.

The concert was the last stop on a year long tour. Mickey and I had been crying off and on through most of the concert. I can never hear the theme from "Mahogany" and not cry. And for some odd reason "Aint no Mountain High Enough" got me right after. Mickey and I held hands on Lyle's lap and I passed out Kleenex. At the end of the show she told the audience that her father had passed away early that morning and she and her family would be flying to Detroit immediately after the show. It was all quite moving.

Lyle thought the dress she wore for the songs from "Lady Sings the Blues" was his favorite.


Michael Guy said...

The ultimate Diva; star! LURVE me some Miss Ross.

I wish I could have been there. But you haven't lived until you've seen my blowdryer/microphone rendition of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"...

Lewis said...

The Boss? i thought that was someone else. Turkey. Gobble gobble.

Rachel said...

I'm so glad you had a good time!

Carolyn said...

Did she sing anything from "The Wiz"? Ha!