Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cruising part 5- Cabo San Lucas

This is a photo of me wearing the ship the "Golden Princess" on my head. If I haven't ruined the lines of the ship, you may be able to observe what some refer to as the "shopping trolley" shape of our vessel. At the back is the disco which some call the handle of the cart. Forward where everything else takes place would be the basket of the shopping cart (in some people's minds).

On Thursday we were in Cabo San Lucas. Now normally I do a lot of research on where we travel. Freakishly. I have stacks of papers, clipped articles, local contacts who've told me who's hot and who's not. But this trip I did none of that. I just went with the flow. I let everyone else plan whatever they wanted and said, "that sounds nice to me." It was working.

After being in the water on Wednesday in Mazatlan, Lyle and Robb both commented on how much fun it would be to rent jet skis in Cabo. "That sounds nice to me," I said.

So having been out until about 4 am the night before (more on that in moment) I got up at 7 am to have breakfast with an unhappy Lyle (see 4 am mention earlier), had breakfast and was on shore via the tender embarkation (ship not tied to dock, life boat taken in to shore) by 8 am.

We scoped out the possibilities of from whom to rent, settled on a company and a price then wandered through town looking for anything interesting (ANYTHING) to shop for while we waited for Robb to get up, get dressed, have breakfast and get ashore. Since he was also out till about 4 am we expected him on Friday. We were pleasantly surprised to see him around 10!
We took a water taxi across the harbor to our jet ski rentals. Three gorgeous crotch rockets awaited our eager limbs. We had promised Robb's mum we would all wear life jackets even though they'd give us bad tan lines. Very glad we did.

Our parameters of where we could ride were from the domed hotel on one side of the harbor to the edge of the rocks on the other side of the harbor. An imaginary line across all the harbor from those two points, not within 200 feet of the shore and not within 600 feet of the Golden Princess. Uh, okay...
Then we were shoved out to sea. An hour seemed like such a short time until we'd been out in the water for about half an hour. Then it seemed like that last half hour would NEVER COME. We started doing slight daredevil stunts like turning sharply, spraying each other with water by turning too close and of course the ever popular speed, speed, speed! We circled the ship. We raced the tenders as they ferried people back to the ship from shore. We did not take a camera.

Finally an hour was up and we surrendered our lust for the spray of the ocean for passing out on the beach.
That night we exchanged battle stories of who jumped a wake fast enough to be completely out of the water (me!). Who thought their ass was going to be pulled apart and split from stem to stern (me!). Who fell off and got sprayed the most by the other two (Lyle). Who had some severe "chaffing" from his swimsuit in a most "uncomfortable" area (Robb). Who had the most fun (Uh, tie - Robb & Lyle). and who thought it would never end (Me).

As promised, a little bit of story from the night before.

Robb & I finally started meeting people near the disco. First we had met Ryan who works on ship. He hosted a gay and lesbian meeting on ship the first afternoon. Then on Wednesday night we met Jared and Quinn who were oddly enough from Vancouver. More strangely they each live within about 4 blocks of Robb & Lewis. Drink, drank, drunk... and we have a new posse of people to complain about the disco with!

Favorite new drink (shot):
Jelly Doughnut
Take one ample shot glass. Rim it with sugar (hehe, I said "rim").
Pour in one shot of Chambord. Top with heavy cream. (try not to mix)
Drink in one shot as you like as much sugar as you can from the glass.
I swear, it tastes just like a jelly doughnut! DO NOT HAVE A DOZEN.

Jared and Quinn mock informal portrait night.
Ladies, they are not a couple!
Oh, ladies, they aren't really so much into ladies...

Jim & Ryan have a "gay face" off. Who won?


Carolyn said...

Jim, sad to say, I think Ryan won the gay "face-off". Maybe it's the rakish tilt to his head...?
So, I couldn't tell from what you wrote...were the Jet Skis a good experience or a bad experience?
Oh! And what exactly is a "gay meeting"? It couldn't have been an AA meeting, judging from your penchant for jelly doughnuts. Was it just like a life affirming meeting? A planning meeting?

Lewis said...

I think you're both gayer than hell. And, please...THE GOLDEN PRINCESS? You've got to be kidding.

Jim said...

Okay, to be fair, this was the second picture. Ryan had to be coaxed into getting his gay face on.

And Lewis, every morning when I got up I made the same lame joke, "Well looks like it's time for my Golden Princess Shower..."

dan renzi said...

You win, because you have the more sculptured eyebrows.

Rachel said...

I'd forgotten you needed to finish the 7 days of Cruising before getting on with the 12 days of CHristmas (decorating)!

Anonymous said...

Wow - that guy Robb has an hourglass figure!