Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Travel Fat(igue)

No photos yet. Back last night.

For the first time in a long time the flights out (to New Orleans) went smoothly. Can you believe it? Once again we carried on our bags to avoid any lost baggage.

We got to our hotel in the French Quarter (the W French Quarter again) and they had upgraded us from the requested room with a balcony overlooking the pool, to a "mega-suite" that wound up being on the top floor, with a very small window, larger floor plan, but at the end of the hall. Unimpressed, we decided we just wanted to unpack and kept the room.

Food entries will come later.

Wedding entry will come later (someone elese's, not my wedding).

The lowlight of the trip was our room door that mysteriously locked us out. And kept us out. Only after someone climbed on the roof and in through our window (thank god I left it open!) we were able to get in. More on that debacle later.

Our return flights were pretty good. Our connection in Dallas got tighter and tighter as we sat and waited for our gate to become available. By hook, crook, and shinsplints we boarded our connecting flight with almost 3 minutes to spare. Always lovely to come upon an empty gate with just one agent repeating into the loudspeaker, "This will serve as the final boarding call for Los Angeles flight 395."

The capper of it all was returning to where we'd valet parked the car and waiting, and waiting, and waiting for our car to come up. It never came. They broke a part of the gear shift that allows you to change gears and could not move the car.

I am never travelling again.

Except for the that Mexican cruise I have planned for next week.


Rachel said...

I have said this before and you know I will say it again. You plan all this all by your ownself. Not the mishaps, but the traveling. That being said, it will be nice to see the pics and hear about the food.

Lyle said...

Rachel - I certainly hope you're not implying I'm a bad travel planner. Because if you are I'm going to come slap you up the side of the head!!!!

Love as always

Rachel said...

What ever you say, dear.


Lewis said...

Home is a lovely, quiet, peaceful place. I could stay home forever.

The T-Dude said...

Had to climb out the window? Broken gear shift? That sounds like bad karma man.

So, who did you piss off? Step on the wrong ant? Tell a ticket agent to piss off? Forget to pay the girl scout for the cookies? It has to be something.

Jules said...

They say New Orleans is the most haunted city... maybe it was ghost keeping you locked out of your room??