Saturday, November 17, 2007


Turns out it was $.50 a minute to connect to the internet while on ship, so I didn't give it another thought.

Uh, it was Wednesday? Or was it Tuesday? No wait, it was THURSDAY! Finally I relaxed and went on vacation. I’d been on that barge since Saturday and I'd had a bit of a rough go of it. But Thursday, oh Thursday, was phenomenal. We started out on a guided walking tour of Mazatlan and it looked pretty grim. 4 kilometers in 4 hours. I can’t even shop that slow.

Finally Lyle and I took off on our own with a promise to meet up at noon at the Cathedral. From the Cathedral Lyle got a recommendation from our tour guide of a place along the water that tourists and locals alike enjoy for fresh seafood. Red Chili’s. We had the lobster (in season!) and shrimp lunch for two for $45.00 That’s $22.50 a person. We paid more than that for the Lobster meal supplement on ship.

Accompanying lunch were at least two chi-chi cocktails. Drunk and full, we spontaneously took to the ocean. Lyle in his cargo shorts, me in my ever so cute underwear that apparently went see-through when wet (oops).

A quick rinse off shower out of the water and another chi-chi for me I headed to town for shopping. I thought chaps would be just the thing to buy drunk but didn’t find any that didn’t look like Harley Davidson biker chaps.

Robb & I made it back to the ship 10 minutes later than the ship requested. Late enough for the purser’s desk to call and ask if I had perhaps made it back without my card scanning properly, but early enough to miss having our names called out over the loudspeaker requesting us to call the purser’s desk immediately if we were on board.

For days I have fought relaxing. On Thursday I finally I went on vacation, only to return on Saturday.

We are home. I am wrung out. I love coming home so I can recuperate from vacationing. I've lost my voice. Possibly in the disco. I guess you shouldn't try to carry on conversations in that type of environment but there was nothing else to do as the music sucked.

Laundry in unpacked. Dogs are properly loved up and cuddled.

My body still has residual wave movements going through it. My Lido deck at the back of the house had a very disappointing sunset tonight. I'm still looking for the buffet.


Rachel said...

WOW! Why did it take you so long to relax. That's what I want to know. Sounds to me like you needed 2 weeks off instead of 1.

The T-Dude said...

Welcome back. Bad disco and little relaxation? That doesn't sound like the best vacation.

Kim said...

Hi Jim,
I have to say im very disappointed there are no pictures from either trip. They make my dreary life at Wicked bearable. Tell Brad i said hi.

Love ya,

Michael Guy said...

Nice touch, that custom shuttle bus! Har! :)

Oh my! Sounds like another vacay will be needed to make up for this one. And there is nothing worse than bad disco. Remember that Ethel Merman-sings-disco album?

Lewis said...

It is a very rude awakening to return home, eh? You'll see a couple of videos of our recent Hawaii jaunt on Holland America on my site. Ahh, the Lido. Me + The Lido = Happiness.

Carolyn said...

You tart!! Swimming is see-through undies....who do you think you are? Britney Spears? Ha! Sounds like fun.