Friday, November 23, 2007

Cruising part 2 - day at sea

We ran around ship all day trying to figure out who were are and what our purpose was. Nothing photo worthy, so I didn't take any pictures. I think Lyle got a massage. I took a pilates class. Then the sun set and it was our first formal night.

The evening's entertainment, "CinemaTASTIC!" That's not really how it's spelled, but it's how I pronounced it. I nearly dropped my drink when they began to sing the title song from "Titanic" and had to convince Lyle to not jump up and shout "ICEBERG!!!"

This is the view of the table after dinner. 19 glasses for 6 people. We're a thirsty bunch.

Formal portrait in Lyle's favorite lounge .


Less formal portrait after dinner.

After dinner its in to the casual outfits and off to the DISCO! (Sad pathetic disco)

Disco was sad and pathetic. So we ran wild around the ship. I forced Lyle to pose for this picture which every other person we met on the ship also took when they were drunk. Poor dolphin.

You don't want to know the photo I was trying to get Robb to pose for drunk with his dolphin. Really, you don't want to know...

Me and my princess dolphin dancing the night away!

Drunk at the elevator. Every night. Drunk at the elevator.


Rachel said...

Ah, Flipper!

Carolyn said...

Honestly! The whole world is a stage and everything is a prop! Love the photo of you dancing with the dolphin almost as much as I like the butter shot. I have never seen someone have more fun on vacation.
I am so glad you are back and writing on your blog again! I missed you.

Lewis said...

I can't believe you boys subjected that POOR DOLPHIN to the trouble that you did.....I guess we're lucky that you kept him vertical and not horizontal for the pictures.

Carolyn said...

What the hell is that? Jim, you've got some crazy person commenting on...what? Not your blog, but the state of the universe or something.

Jim said...

Can you believe it? My first crazy nutter comment! At first I was thinking Stalker, but no, just incoherent ramblings...

Ah, precious "delete" button. How I love you.