Thursday, November 08, 2007


Not what I promised to write. Photos are all in other computer in guest room/office.

Working by day AND night has gotten old. The charm is off. I feel like a working mom trying to balance all the stuff I do away from the house with what I need to do when I get home. And since we have guests (wait there's a twist) I even have a staff here helping me! Yet I still can't find a millisecond for myself.

Thankfully the day job ends after Friday. Then I will take a well deserved rest for a week on a cruise ship.

But seriously. I am done in.


Lewis said...

Can't stand Ketchup....or mustard, or relish, or mayonnaise.

Christopher said...

You travel more than I think about traveling!...Lucky!

Michael Guy said...

Safe travels to you & yours! I'll keep the light on.

Carolyn said...

You have a staff? Well, fire whoever dropped that bottle of ketchup.
Have fun on your Mexican fiesta cruise. Ole!