Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cruising part 8- wrap it up

Oh No! It can't be over already?

Finally it was all over. The last day and night of cruising Golden Princess style. Lyle was sedated in Robb & Lewis' stateroom so we invited Wade (an entertainer on ship) to fill his vacant seat. Wade thought that we were being nice, but we made him sing for his supper - literally.

The final night was a bit like the end of summer camp. All the staff is telling you that you've been the best group they've ever had. E-mail addresses are exchanged and oaths of keeping in touch are promised.

At dinner Auntie Di was remarkable quiet. I asked her what was up and through her tears she explained that is was all over and tomorrow we'd all go our separate ways. I knew that's what she was going through because of course I was thinking the same thing. It was tough saying goodbye to summer camp. But drinking really helped.

Our waiter Renzo was a dream. The next morning he was also working the breakfast shift. Lyle and I had been seated before the rest of our crew came down and when they came in he told them that their friends (he made a big goofy open smile and placed his hands in the air - thus indicating me) and the one who wasn't there last night were waiting for them at a table across the room. Renzo really gets me.

The final dinner dessert was baked Alaska. Not my personal favorite.
So somehow I got the last quarter of the entire platter.

Auntie Di gets in some last minute Renzo lovin'.

Diane, Mickey and Wade get one last drunken elevator photo in...

Then it was time to show off the disco.
from the front...

to the back...

If you want someone else to lug your luggage off the ship you need to have it packed and outside your room the night before you dock. This presents a problem for those of us who view the entire trip as one long Vogue Fashions Shoot. This means that I have to keep out and/or pack in my carry on my outfit for dinner, my disco after dinner outfit and my departing from ship outfit. I managed, but just barely as I also had to make all sorts of choices for Lyle while he was passed out.

It was hard going at the beginning, but ultimately I had a blast. And I owe it all to my travel companions who helped me see the light... at the disco.

This is a bonus picture for anyone who was on the cruise.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Elizabeth Taylor."


Lewis said...

Glad you boys had a good time.....I still can't believe you used the elevator...I used the stairs all but about two times the entire 15-day Hawaii Cruise.....(and from the looks of my tummy, I could have used a few more times). And, didyou know, that Lizzy Taylor was here in Portland for our Pride Parade last summer...check it out:

Jim said...

Okay, I have to say we only used the elevator to get up to the disco on those late, late drunken nights. Most everything on the ship was floor 14 or lower, but the disco was on floor 17. That's why all the elevator pictures are drunken pictures. I swear I was like a monk using exclusively stairs the rest of the time.

Rachel said...


And they lived happily ever after to the end of their days.

The End.

Michael Guy said...

I love these pics! So much fun had by all. You are truly blessed with great friends and good times. What a handsome group of guys. Glad you had a blast.

The T-Dude said...

Nothing like the revelations found in discos.

Wait...they still have discos?

Christopher said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Great pics, but where are all of the ones of you out on the dance floor?

Jim said...

What? Am I crazy? I am in charge of only posting pictures that complement me!