Friday, March 14, 2008


This is the first photo I took in Akumal. I quite like it. Lyle is looking out across the inlet. The water is fairly calm as there is a coral reef out a ways that stops the giant waves from pounding the beach. I took this photo and then went back to bed. I had that stomach thing in full swing on the first day there.
This would be the second day. I claim I am feeling better. All I want is a hamburger. I am totally faking it for the camera right here. This is the bar/restaurant at Lol-Ha. Across the street inland is a body of water that connects the sea via an underground passage. We are probably sitting above it in this photo.

The beach at Akumal.

We went for dinner one night at the local hotspot La Buena Vida. I think it was Wednesday. That was the "big" night as Jungle Bob brings in his Karaoke machine. La Buena Vida is famous for it's Swing seat at the bar. There is a restaurant upstairs. From what I gathered, the chef has changed recently and the menu is all new. Some people were not too thrilled with the all new menu. However, I had the fresh fish fillet sauteed in butter (my stomach was still a little off) and it was good.
Brad and Monica at La Buena Vida.

Ricky is a swinger!

This photo took every once of strength I had to look like I was having the best time of my life.

The hostess with the mostest kicked off our evening's entertainment with her very own serenade of "Love Shack".

Brave, brave Ricky joined in later for a little duet. I only wished I was feeling well enough to do a little number, but alas, there was no way I was feeling well enough to fit into my Kylie Showgirl outfit.

Another day we stopped for pizza in the "town" of Akumal (opposite side of the highway from the beach village of Akumal) because we were very hungry and I couldn't face any corn tortillas. The pizza was not very good.

In fact, it was so bad that when Lyle threw his end piece of pizza crust to this dog on the sidewalk, he wouldn't even sniff it let alone eat it.

Though I don't have any photos taken there, I can recommend dining at the Turtle Bay Cafe in Akumal. In particular I can recommend the Key Lime Pie. I had two.

I also suggest a little shopping. I enjoyed Mexic Arte just across the street from Turtle Bay Cafe. I found some lovely Christmas decorations!


Lewis said...

Say "Ahh"...."Akumal"....weird, I know. I love the pics and stories.

Carolyn said...
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Michael Guy said...

Love the continuing travelogue. WHY do you look so cute 'faking it'? Even on a good day I need a key light grip and full-makeup/hair people!

Pizza. did. not. sound. good.

The T-Dude said...
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The T-Dude said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well.

Pizza a dog wouldn't eat. Now that does sound lovely. Not.

Rachel said...

I think that dog is giving you the eye.