Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Telum Me All About It...

As our little trip wound down towards the end, we decided it was time to grab a few quick moments and get some sightseeing in. Since we were only about 15 minutes from Telum we started there.

Telum is an ancient Mayan city. We did the required things of parking up by the shopping area then hiking down to the entrance (or you could take a fake train - actually a trailer with seats towed by a tractor all covered in fake train pieces) where we got in what appeared to be a short line.

The line got longer behind us and somehow in front of us as well. It did not move. Lyle went and spoke with someone about taking a guided tour. For about $10 more for our entire group of three, we grabbed a guide and jumped out of the ticket queue. Have money will travel.This is the ancient money dispenser of Telum. They were so advanced for their times.

Our guide was quite knowledgeable and I was completely uninterested. I have a problem that after about 10 minutes of lecture it all just starts to mash together and I can't take any more in. Imagine how difficult it was for me to remember all those cooking class instructions from the beginning of the trip. Luckily we had a handout at class. But here in Telum there was no handout. Not to worry, You can go here and read a very brief history of the location.

The beautiful part about Telum is that it is on the water. The location is drop dead gorgeous. And as our guide began to explain in great gory detail, many of the Mayans who lived in Telum did die in Telum. And that is when I started standing a little further away and let Lyle and Brad listen to the guide and I just took photos.

A face is carved into the corner of the temple. One half on each side.

Sunny, but not scorching. Perfect touring weather.

Just us three... and about 500 other tourists.

This photo makes me want to go back right now...

Excuse me, Mr Italian Tourist? I know those shorts are boxer shorts. I know you are just wearing your underwear out in public. I also know that that shirt clashes with your shorts. But I guess you don't know that I am secretly taking your photo...

What is it with people and their clothing choices?

The ruins started to get to me. I know I said I didn't listen to our guide (who was very knowledgeable and appreciated) but I did hear just enough to be creeped out by the scary human sacrifice vibe that just seemed to permeate the grounds. I was getting the creepy crawleys and wanted to leave. I had my photos. I was done.

As we walked back to our car we saw :

Which then became:

Featuring men in traditional costume:

And it was quite impressive.


Rachel said...

Ooh! Creepy crawlies!

Michael Guy said...

You know, I think this looks awfully familiar to me. Maybe it was a side-tour off an RSVP cruise??? That pic of the temple over the ocean...I think I've got that same shot somewhere in a drawer.

But that last pic: That is John Galliano for DIOR. Personally I think a wedge heel.