Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Have I mentioned one of my most favorite desserts in the world? Tiramisu. Lyle makes an absolutely delicious trifle bowl of wholesome goodness that ranks right up there in my top 5 of all time. That's right. I love it so much I have a ranking of the best in the world.

Number 3 - Patisserie Lebeau in Vancouver, BC - leave it to a French Patisserie to make an Italian dessert better. The secret of this one is the place the entire dessert on a disk of dark chocolate.

Number 2 - Lyle's recipe. In my own home! He cuts back on the espresso and Kahlua then adds in a curious mixture of vanilla liquor and Godiva chocolate liquor. Also, I have unlimited access. Hey, maybe that's a bad point...

Number 1 - Caffe Greco in San Francisco. This is where I had it the first time and all others are held to this golden standard. I can not go to San Francisco and not stop here. This last trip was so fast and furious that I had to get it to go and eat it before I go on the plane. I LOVE IT!
Now you see it.

(three minutes expire...)

Now you don't.


The T-Dude said...

There used to be this place in Washington DC near the Woodley Park Metro called Dolce Finale. They had great desserts. My favorite was the lemon ice served in the skin of a hollowed out frozen lemon. Man, I'm having a moment just thinking about it.

Rachel said...

I miss Cafe Greco.