Friday, March 07, 2008

Merida, Saturday Night

After all that food we'd eaten during the day, these round figurines in the gift shop doorway summed up how we were feeling, FULL. But we persevered and took a tour of Merida by night.
I thought I had found the perfect place to get my haircut. Aren't these photos stylish? I so wanted to look like the one in the middle, Ricky Schroeder from the Silver Spoon years.

Then I found the real deal. Escuela De Alta Peluqueria, my friends tell me that translated it means the School of the High Wig. I would have booked my appointment for the tomorrow, but alas, it would be Sunday.

Merida has an unbelievable street life that launches full tilt for Sundays. We didn't expect much for the Saturday night but there was quite a lot of live music, closed off street, dancing, drinking and eating. Still full from our two lunches, we were only drinking casually.

Then it happened. We came across my favorite part of the evening. Our little songbird.
Though we came late to the performance and could not get a seat (all the tables AND row seating were filled!) we stood in the back and cheered her on. When she finally announced she was done for the night, the crowd rose to their feet and demanded, "Un otros! (another!)" and she gladly complied. Four times.

Note how her light is on the left side of the video and that she consistently plays to that side.

In the next video you can hear the people sitting next to us singing along with her!

After our little Meridian Edith Piaf completely left the stage, we headed for home. It had been a very full day and now that it was dark out I could go back to the hotel room, climb the stairs and use the bathroom in the dark so no one could see me through the window.


Rachel said...

That looks fun!

Carolyn said...

I love street theatre! (even when it is on purpose...if you know what I mean) Those videos are a riot. Is that you whooping it up at the end of the second one?
I love how you ended the post (and the day) with a "safe pee".