Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mexico round up!

Ceviche at Ana y Jose on the beach in Telum.

Can you see the color of the water in the background? Amazing.

You didn't think I'd stop posing did you?

Hola Señor Frosty!

Located on the west side of the main highway near Puerto Aventuras (by the Pemex gas station). This is the bargain bonanza for good food at low, low prices. Stop by for no-frills dining and enjoy the delicious food and hearty portions. Choose from fish or shrimp tacos, then visit the taco bar for toppings of your choice and a variety of salads.

Check out the prices at Taco Paco. $1.60 for a shrimp taco. $1.60 for a fish taco. $2.40 for chili relleno and for an entire shrimp cocktail - $5.50. Oh and these taco have enough in them to split them into two tacos which makes them really about 80¢ a taco.

Then you haul you soon to not be little bottom over to the condiment bar. All the traditional things are there including many, many salsas. But what I enjoyed was putting mayonnaise and pickled cucumber on my fish taco as if it were fish and chips in a tortilla.

There was also a peanut sauce that I paired up with the shrimp taco and it gave it a lovely Thai feel. All the food there was DELICIOUS.

This is not sunset over Akumal Bay. This is sunrise. I got this photo from the nuttiest person I know on a vacation, Brad. He kept telling me that he was up for sunrise every day of our vacation. He would have his coffee, watch the sun come up and then go for a stroll on the beach. I told him to take a picture for me because there was no way in hell I was going to be up early enough to see that. Thanks for the photo Brad, it's gorgeous!

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