Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Valladolid Girl, like, fer sure

We left Merida in the morning. We were crossing back towards the water side below Cancun. After gorging myself all weekend in the big city, my stomach was a little rumbley tumbley. In fact I felt just like this lovely lady above. Fat and bloated and wishing I had a ruffled skirt to hide it all. Oh joy, instead I was headed to the beach and I only brought small squarecut swim costumes.

Halfway, we stopped in Valladolid for lunch. Yeah, I totally needed more food.

Since I was a little off, I ordered jugo de papaya, papaya juice. Papaya juice has natural enzymes to help settle your stomach. This stuff was AMAZINGLY FRESH. I've never seen juice so just scooped out and blended for me and me alone.

I ordered the soupa de limo, lime soup. I just wanted something light. Nothing heavy. I no longer wanted food but clearly if I didn't put something in I would waste away to nothingness.

We did a little tour of the main square...

Evita showed up.

There is a beautiful old church that we couldn't go into because we had on shorts.

Ricky bought some handcrafted bags from these ladies. We knew they were handcrafted as we saw them weaving them on the square. Actually they were also using their toes.

And then we headed for Akumal. Our relaxing, beach loving, sun tanning, blissful portion of our vacation was about to begin... or was it?


Lewis said...

I can't believe you're STILL out having fun. The fresh fruits are some of the best parts of travels to that part of the world. Yummy, juicy, fresh!

Jim said...

No, no... not still out. I didn't take my computer while gone, so this is my "official" recap of all things vacation.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I'm relieved Evita was able to make it.