Tuesday, April 01, 2008

An April Fool

Though it's not random photo Friday, I just got nothing to share. So here's a little kitty to amuse you.

Spring has taken over at our house and we have been shoving things in the ground. Lettuce, corn, beans, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach and anything else I get my hands on. SO over the next few months I will get all giddy that things I planted actually grow and then realize that now I have to make 6 spinach quiche to use up all I've got.

We've been car shopping. Want to get a different convertible. Mind fuzzy. Head full. Explosion imminent. The curse is we could get whatever we want. But I'd like to be slightly sensible while being a car owner AND be able to travel and say, buy groceries. It's all about choices.

When I say "we" it means that Lyle is doing all the research, all the math, talking to any and all sales people and I stand by the side with my hands in my pockets, whisper to Lyle that I hate the color, then sit my ass in the car and announce whether or not I "fit" in the car. You know I'm not that tall, only 6' even. But for some odd reason that means in many cars I get in, after lowering the seat as far back and down as it will go I still look directly at the sun visor. As little as I contribute, it still wears me out.

Tomorrow it should rain. Good for all my new plants. Bad for me. I guess I'll make some hearty soup, stay in and complain. I know "at least it's not snowing" but remember where I live. The reason I live here is so that I never have to experience anything less than a perfect day on a television set. Rain is not part of my equation.


Rachel said...

Oh. My. It sounds like you got up on the wrong side of the car.

Sherri said...

Rainy days are for not changing out of your PJs (or, if you sleep nude, putting on the equivalent of PJs), eating cookies on the sofa, and reading a really good book. Also napping. Cherish rainy days.

Jim said...

Since I grew up in the rain forest known as the Pacific Northwest, I've had my fill of cookie days on the sofa. Way too many. I've done my time in the rain. That's why I live in the desert or Los Angeles. I'm still considering Death Valley.