Monday, April 07, 2008

Where does it go?

Where did my weekend go?

Late Sunday night as Lyle and I were both laying with the dogs at the back of the house, exhausted and trying to get up the energy to go have a cupcake I innocently asked, "Why are we so tired? What did we do all weekend?" And for the next 20 minutes we tried to remember. Tried.

Let's see, Friday night:
  • We went to the hardware store to get supplies for weekend projects.
  • Lyle spread grass seed and dirt around the small patch of lawn we have in the backyard.
  • I pulled out every single picture frame we have in the house in storage bins or cupboards in an effort to use them or loose them. It covered the dining room table.
  • Stained out a bunch of bamboo for a decor project on back deck

Uh, Saturday morning:
  • Lyle went rollerblading and took the dogs with him. I made breakfast.
  • Went to hardware store for supplies for new batch of projects.
  • Lyle planted things in the backyard. I watched him.
  • Moved yard decor around.
  • Applied clear gloss varnish to bamboo.
  • Places bamboo in pot on deck, filled in with sand.
  • Watered pots in driveway and watered front yard.
  • Went to mall to shop. Bought nothing.
  • Bought new glasses.
  • Went to dinner.

Hmmm, Sunday:
  • Lyle went rollerblading with the dogs again. I tidied house and found somewhere to go to breakfast (I can't cook every day!)
  • Bought a table and three chairs at a garage sale.
  • Went to breakfast at new(ish) hotel/restaurant The Palihouse in West Hollywood. I'd read about it online in Early March and like to try new things. I can recommend it quite nicely.
  • Went to the dry cleaners, dropped stuff off, got stuff hemmed.
  • Bought a table and three chairs at a garage sale.
  • Picked up table and chairs, took them to friend's house who was storing a different table of mine.
  • Switched out tables (third floor, walk up) and brought our table home.
  • Dropped some people off for a writing class.
  • Went to hardware store. Are we that unorganized?
  • Went to Ross Dress For Less where we had seen some topiary cages that might work for new tomato pots but had seen them last year - strangely they still had a couple - worse,they were still the SAME PRICE from over a year ago. It's called a markdown people, clear out your old stuff!
  • Tomatoes in pots.
  • Obelisks for pots were wrong color, sprayed the out into brown.
  • Pots rearranged.
  • Yard watered.
  • Dinner had.
  • Dogs walked.
  • Fall onto bed and wonder what the hell we did all weekend.

I'm sure I've left out loads of stuff (like how much time I spent laying on the lounge chairs watching Lyle clean the pond on Saturday - I don't work in the pond, or the hour I spent trying to organize photo frames and distribute them around the house - thought that project isn't done because photos need to be switched out and nails need to go into walls - but I do know where I want them to land at least, the music playlist I put together to keep us moving without having to keep returning to the ipod...

And now it's Monday.

Here's Lyle and the dogs from December:


Rachel said...

I love that video!

Christina said...

That video is AWESOME!

Weekends go by way to quickly, we attempt to get everything done on a saturday, so sunday can be rest all day - never happens.

Michael Guy said...

What is up with the gays and picture frames? Just saying...I tossed a ton when I moved.

And the 'pond'? WTF? How big is this pond? Koi? Zen-like? Or do I need to think more Fountain of Zeus ala Versailles(sp?) Need pics of pond. Is it near the ginormous orchid that ate Los Angeles?

Michael Guy said...

OH MY GOD! Lyle and the dogs video is adorable! (it was buffering while I was commenting before)

That is so cleverly done! Love the Seventies sit-com tune and titles! So talented!

Those are some big dogs!