Friday, April 04, 2008

Fashion Conscientous

Last night my friend Ellys and I went to a Fashion show cocktail party sponsored by Details Magazine and Macy's benefiting the Trevor Project. The event was held at local gay mega-plex The Abby. Gay bar. Fashion show. Booze. Boys. Good cause. Mid-week excitement. It's all about seizing on the opportunities that Los Angeles has to offer and finding something interesting to tell you on this blog. So really it was a win-win for me.

The producers of this show knew their audience and played to their strengths - in other words, send out models in swimsuits.
From left: Ben Sherman, Hugo Boss, Gant, Theory, Michael Kors.

My friend remarked how awful the middle look was. "Who would wear such short shorts? I would never, would you?" The funny part is I have been searching the globe for just these shorts. Well not THESE shorts but this look. I've been looking since last summer. I know my trends. As we were drinking while watching, I confessed all to his utter amazement. "You would really wear those!?" I have great legs, I explained, of course I would!

However I didn't check the program guide until I got home only to find out that these shorts by (the newly revamped) Gant retail for $175.00. Oh yes, I am looking for shorts like these, but more in the under $50.00 range. Definitely not THESE shorts exactly. So little fabric, so much money...

From left: Ted Baker, Dulce De Leche, Hugo Boss Boss, INC, Just Cavalli.

I like the INC jacket. It's a blue/black/grey plaid. But I fear it may be limited wear. However for $169.00 it's cheaper than that pair of shorts I was coveting...

We asked a random stranger to capture the magic of it all. Though we look a little "happy" its mostly because the man we asked to take the picture was hammered and couldn't seem to get us in the frame or even take the picture. This was our fourth try and the best of all the batman angled pics he took.
On the far left, Ben Sherman plaid shorts... plaid, plaid, plaid... is it a trend? Oh and you can't see the detail very much in this pic but the second pair of shorts from the left are by Hugo Boss and I've seen them in stores. I was all agog over them as they have this great belt detail. Then I realized they are pretty much just cargo shorts with a great belt detail. I can just go get a great belt and wear the shorts I already own.

Ellys steps up on the platform to get his best model look on.

These two did not need a platform they were auditioning for Tyra in the middle of the bar.
And of course our good friend Ryan Seacrest was there in all his glory.

Update:  So at the fashion event I received (well everybody did) a coupon for $50 off any purchase of $250 or more from the participating designers from the show.  You know I went in.  I tried on the Hugo Boss shorts with the great belt - shorts were too long and I didn't care for the "ripstop" cotton fabric they used.

I tried on the $175 shorts from Gant.  Lyle said I looked like the UPS man (the socks probably didn't help much). I told him I definitely had a package for him.  

I tried on the plaid sportcoat from INC.  They didn't have my size and now I have a mission for Monday as I will be going store to store looking for my size.  Yeah, they gave me print out of every store that had at least one but this is Macy's and they don't actually call around and find it for you.  As Michael would say, "Le sigh."


Christopher said...

Oh I'm jealous...those are all of my favorite designers. I hope you had a martini at the Abbey (so many to choose from).

Rachel said...

Gin! I can smell it! Yum!

"Just David!" said...

I need to start finding things like that to do here. At least it would make interesting blog fodder! ha! great photos... and I'd wear those shorts too... I have a few pairs already!! not the gant, just the shorter ones... it's all about the tan!!!

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I like the shorter shorts look, especially with the white sneakers.

I also like (although I rarely admit this) that Ryan Seacrest cover.

Michael Guy said...

Oh! MY! GAWD...look how spiffy y'all look!

I may have to 'clip & save'...

Love the shorter shorts. And I'm old enough to remember the 'hot pants' for men look of the mid-Seventies. My Dad was not amused.

LURVE The Abbey; I had an apple martini there with friends my vist to LA the Fall 2005. But I thought I heard/read where it caters to a straight clientele nowadays..or soon?! Feh! The stuff one hears...

You look smashing, sweetie! Nice smile!