Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Helen!

Today is Rachel's birthday! I can't tell you how old she is, a lady never reveals her age, but we did go to high school together. Now the problem is Rachel would absolutely tell you her age and that may imply mine. In which case I would have to kill her. To explain the title of the post, Helen is my pet name for her.

Helen wanted a spontaneous birth day. So I waited until we were all ready to go and only then phoned her to see if she'd like to go for breakfast. She is not an early riser by nature so imagine how perturbed I was to find her awake and chipper at 9:30 am. So much for ruining her special day by waking her up and making her run around in a frenzy.

We went to Palihouse for breakfast (which I've written about before) and we started with liquids. Aren't the coffees gorgeous? Mine is obviously the one that is too full as I added cream to it. I like my coffee like my men, blond, sweet and barely warm to the touch. Someone (I can't mention her name on her special day) had a bloody Mary.

The birthday girl had the cast iron eggs: fried eggs over short ribs and potatoes.

I had the thick cut french toast with sweet ricotta cheese and lemon zest.

The cupcakes there are divinely inspired.
More icing than cake! So we got one for the birthday girl.

Helen loves her lemon, cake.


Lewis said...

Man oh man, you have all of the fun with all of the good people... especially good if they don't reveal your age or other dimensions. The food looks fantastic. REally really yummy. Happy Birthday rock!

Michael Guy said...

THAT cupcake has my name on it!!! Well, not really. But in my head it does.

Why do I always read your 'food posts' around my lunch time? Now I want a damn fried egg. Or thick cut french toast!!!

You cannot be older than I am; so until they carbon date my underwear your secret is safe with me!

Rachel said...

Thanks, Tom! Love you oodles!

Carolyn said...

Rachel! Happy birthday. You and I are about the same age, I think...27. Right? We look fabulous. I am going to eat a big old cupcake in your honor today.

"Just David!" said...

Now I have to come to LA just to get that breakfast!! It looks divine especially with bloody marys!! Happy BDay Helen!!

Jules said...

Mmmmmm... that french toast looks AMAZING!

Rachel said...

Oh, Carolyn! I love you! You made my day!