Thursday, April 10, 2008

My early work

Me as Nancy Sinatra

When we moved to Los Angeles and Lyle was in school for computer graphic design, after he finished his assignments and went to bed I would go to town with his precious baby computer.

I wasn't very talented. But I had ideas. Big ideas. ODD ideas. I like to put my face on other people's bodies. No, it's not photos of me in drag. Just photos of me superimposed (poorly) over other people.

I was looking for something today and tripped across some of my early work. They still make me laugh.

Jim Margaret

Me as the Altoids lady.

This one, I took a real photo and placed us all on Broadway!

Okay, fine. I still do this. This was last summer when I was on tour with Madonna.


Michael Guy said...

I feel a strange stirring in my man-bits for "Jim Margaret"... Just saying.

Work the runway, honey.

Sherri said...

I have no man-bits (well, not that I grew myself) and that's not where the stirred feeling occurs anyway.

Jim, sir, you are a very finely twisted individual. I mean, in that carefully crafted, one of a kind, won't find on eBay sort of way.

Rachel said...

Yup. What Sherri said.

Carolyn said...

Where is Jim Fawcett-Majors????