Sunday, April 13, 2008


I make celebrities into reality. Or is it the other way around, making reality into celebrity?

From Sarah's blog, a friend of our niece:
Yesterday, I had to run out to grab the umbrella from my room [that got used as a cane on our walk about on Granville Island, but that's not the point of this story], and at the door of O'Doul's was a group of gentlemen, two of whom looked familiar. So familiar, that I had my hand half raised to wave and the syllables for an uncertain hello in my throat. When I realised....

I've never met Robb and Lewis. I've only seen photos of them plastered all over Jim's Blog. They haven't been featured in photos in a while, but none the less, I recognised them from photos on a website.
I apologize for not featuring Robb & Lewis recently. But its their own damn fault for being out of the country for so long. I miss them too and so just to satisfy the needs of my readers... Let's take a photo visit with them again.
Robb gives his best impression of my standard surprise photo face.

Lewis is thrilled to get a bell tower on his head in Rio.

Jesus, that guy in the background is tall.


Rachel said...

I love Robb and Lewis.

Michael Guy said...

I always sorta figured Jesus for tall and charismatic. Just saying.

Cute pics of the friends! Love the 'bell tower' one...