Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Super! Thanks for asking.

When we attended Gay Pride in West Hollywood I was accosted outside the booth for Outfest. I'm not a taster when I shop at Costco. I don't sample new colognes in department stores. I don't take kindly to being accosted anywhere I may roam on the planet.

Then the volunteer said something that made my spine tingle, "This year we're doing a Sing Along South Park."

I'm certain something very gay came out of my mouth like, "SHUT. UP." and I immediately signed up for an email to be sent to myself.

Then I bought tickets.

Then I invited a few friends and forced Lyle to go. Trust me. I have my ways, and he had to be forced.

The video I took is crappy. But you're not watching for the quality of the sound or picture. You are watching to hear over 1000 people sing along to "Kyle's Mom is Bitch" and "I'm Super!"


dit said...

That is too funny. I am so glad you had a good time.

Rachel said...

That looks like it would be fun! I want to do one of the Sound of Music sing alongs one day.

peter said...

The sing-a-long movie during Pride here in Amsterdam is sold out* every year.

*free for all.

Michael Guy said...

Please tell me you sang "UNCLE FUCKER" at the top of your lungs!?

"Just David!" said...

I love movie singalongs!!