Friday, July 18, 2008

Where you at Daddy?

I don't usually check my spam email let alone read it. But here is one that caught my eye and amused me. My Russian Bride is trying to find me. Me! What's so odd is that she thinks my name is Patrick. And that I like vaginas.

To Patrick

Good day my dear friend

I will remember this day forever, because this is my first attempt to find a soul mate so far from my native land. It is so difficult for me to realize that I decided to do it. But as you see, I am here, and it is my letter which you hold into your arms now.
I hope that it will leave only a good impression into your heart and your reaction will be your reply to me.
I wait for your reply very much, I think that it will change all my life at one moment, because you will bring romantic notes into my destiny.
You look so smart that no woman can stand still and think logically.
Romantic thoughts visit me when I look at you.
I leave you my heart here
and I hope that you will need it.

Looking forward to get a letter from you


Silly Billy said... my future bride is cheating on my already?!?!?!

dit said...

So, are you singing "I kissed a girl" lol

Rachel said...

Ah, poor Irinka! Will she ever find her one, true Patrick?

jason said...

"you look so smart that no woman can still and think logically,"
I'm going to use that line today at the supermarket, I think.

Michael Guy said...

I wouldn't discount that Irinka could be one hot tranny mess up in there.

"Just David!" said...

I got that same letter but I was her 846th attempt. I'm jealous, obviously she likes you better.

The T-Dude said...

My wife has a friend named Pat, maybe you're getting his mail.