Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Big Bowl of Diana

I am not a stalker. I swear. I don't go to many concerts and I rarely repeat seeing the same people over and over. I state all of this because last night I saw Diana Ross for the third time. The second time in less than a year.

When the conductor announced that tonight we would be seeing a "Living Legend" I turned to the woman next to me and said, "I sure hope she's alive, because it would be gross to be seeing her perform if she wasn't."

We have a Hollywood Bowl "half season" where we go every other Friday night and see the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra or the Los Angeles Philharmonic and a special guest performer in the second half. Two weeks ago it was Chris Isaak. This week was Diana Ross. At first I was sort of bored with the choice of repeating someone I had just seen, but then remembered it would be a completely different show with the orchestra. Imagine my disappointment when the orchestra ended and the stage began to rotate, sending the entire orchestra away to the back behind a wall, and revealing the exact same band set up for the Diana Ross concert I had just seen 8 months ago, complete with the very early 80's cutting edge rope lit wedges. I just knew I was going to want pizza after the show.

This clip is specifically for Carolyn who asked last time if she did anything from "The Wiz".

Since I already wrote all about seeing her last November I will skip the review and tell you what I think is fun and funny about Diana Ross: She loves to have the audience sing to her. In fact among a few of us, whenever you are at a concert and the artist holds out his/her microphone and shouts, "Sing Along!" we call that a case of the Diana Ross Syndrome.

In every clip below Miss Ross encourages you to join in her fun.

Holding on at 64 and fabulous!


Rachel said...

The wigs just get bigger and bigger. And I know why she has the audience sing along - because she's singing flat! Without the distortion from the band, when you just hear her voice, she's FLAT! No wonder she wants everyone to sing with her. She can't sing!

jason said...

"complete with the very early 80's cutting edge rope lit wedges. I just knew I was going to want pizza after the show."

lol @ that.

Lewis said...

Diana! Ooohhh la la. What a great way to spend an evening.

Tim in Italy said...

Man I remember going to the Bowl in the summer and having a great time! But we always parked way down towards Franklin so we didn't have to wait for the Bowl parking. Funny what you remember.

Michael Guy said...

THANK YOU for sharing these! I can now sleep at night knowing that my ass is smaller than the Diva's.

I am not dissing just having a laugh. What I wouldn't give for an hour in her closet. We'd need a camera crew and some rope lighting. Just saying.

dit said...

I adore her! I am thinking we were probably at the same concert last November? Gibson amphitheatre?

She is a legend. Diana Ross syndrome. lol Love it.

Carolyn said...

I am so excited that you dedicated a clip just to me!! So, first you saw GM who was channeling Diana Ross, then you got to see the real thing. Who did it better?