Monday, July 28, 2008

More Pious Than Your Prius

On Sunday Lyle and I rode our bikes to the Organic Farmer's Market in West Hollywood. I am so virtuous and full of myself right now I could shoot me.

It's not like I planned the whole thing in advance.
I said, Those Heirloom tomatoes we got at Whole Foods last week weren't very good.
Lyle said, "We should go to the Farmer's Market on Sunday and get some good ones."
We could ride our bikes.
"That would be a good excuse to get us out and about. You always need a destination."
Wait, the Farmer's market we go to is up off Hollywood Blvd. Not only are there no good side streets to get us there, but it's UPHILL.
"Oh yeah, and it's really crowded."
I've got it, there's a much smaller one over on Melrose Place. Lot's of easy side streets to get there and it's FLAT from here to there!

And that is how I wound up on Melrose Place at the Organic Farmer's Market on my bike on a Sunday. Oh and for those who don't live in Los Angeles and are thinking about that TV series called Melrose Place, yes, that is the street they allegedly lived on. But in real life when the series was on it was a short street lined with stuffy over priced antique shops. Nowadays it is half antique shops and is fast becoming the new hot designer clothing boutique street. Never has there been an apartment building with a pool in the center on this street.

This post officially fulfills my requirement to post a photo of me wearing a helmet.


Michael Guy said...

Cycling should always be about flat terrain. I can say this post half-marathon legacy.

Also: is that a HERMES 'orange' backpack?

dit said...

what a splendid idea. I love it.

I have never been to this farmers market. I have been to the one on Ivar. My friend always jokes about going to the bathhouse and coming out on Sunday morning to a Farmers market. anyway . . . .

very good idea. Hope the tomatoes are good too.

Lewis said...

did the helmet mess up your pretty hair? helmet head???

Lewis said...

did the helmet mess up your pretty hair? helmet head???

Rachel said...

I always meant to go to that one when I lived over there.

Dan Renzi said...

When I first moved to LA, I lived on Alfred St, one block up from Melrose Place. I was SO EXCITED to stumble upon it--only to be broken-hearted when I turned the corner and saw stores full of tacky lamps.

And it's only becoming the designer street because Marc Jacobs opened a kajillion shops. They're like the Starbucks of the design world. One store is never enough! You must have several!