Monday, July 14, 2008

New and future blog?

A very good friend of mine has been cajoled into creating a blog. HOORAY!

Though she is an amazingly accomplished artist, designer, creative type and all around fabulous person - one of her passions is her Icelandic Sheepdogs.
The Icelandic sheepdog often has two dewclaws on each hind leg. (giving them 6 toes back there!)

And she has an amazing house and garden. Am I setting the bar too high here?
She also told me her blog may be mostly photos so she doesn't have to write as much as I do. Hey, I know I write a lot. I like pictures too.

Here is where you come in, she is stumped because she wants a clever blog name. A few friends have thrown out too many suggestions and I thought wouldn't it be fun to help her.

So please take the poll on the side (over there on the right).


dit said...

What adorable pups and a beautiful home. I think Art, Life, dogs is a good title. Cause a life without are or dogs would be sad.

Sherri said...

Icelandic Sheep Dog is a pretty hard title to beat.



Rachel said...

I voted. But I still think it should be Canine Capers with Christina....

Chandra Rooney said...

Are those one of the puppies I almost got?

(I can read your blog now. You can read mine, too.)