Friday, July 11, 2008


It’s been a totally 80’s flashback kind of few weeks. None more so than last night. Last night Lyle and I saw Yaz (or if you are from Europe, Yazoo) at the Orpheum Theater in delightful downtown Los Angeles.

We left the house early (due the debacle of parking at the Forum for George Michael – let’s just say, it’s gonna’ have to be DINNER with George Michael to get me to go to the Forum again any time soon) and we arrived downtown at 7:15 for an 8 pm concert.

We took a walk around the block to see if there was anything we needed to do or see in the neighborhood and since we had already eaten, there was nothing for us. I did get to play tourist in my own town and snap a few photos of the amazing architecture built back in the day when people actually went downtown and walked slow enough to look up and see things.

At 7:30 we decided to just go on in and get a drink inside the theater since we only had half an hour to kill. Then we decided that we’d have to pee too soon if we had drinks so we just went in and sat down. We were in our seats at 7:45. But the concert didn’t start at 8. Turns out they were having an un-billed “opening act” of a DJ who plays until 9. At that point we decided we had PLENTY OF TIME to have a drink, let the drink move through on an amazing journey and exit well before any concert began. At 8:45 Richard Blade (formerly of KROQ fame) came out and gave a pep talk about this historical reunion that got everyone excited and almost moving to their seats. At about 9:05 Yaz hit the stage.
The lights above the theater lobby as seen from the mezzanine bar.

There was no restriction on taking a camera in to the show. So of course I did.
The chandeliers inside the theater itself.

Now I must ask, what is up with people living forever in the 80’s? I totally mocked anyone who looked like they emerged from a time machine. I kept asking, “didn’t they have to enter the theater through this decade?” Skin tight jeans that would make the Olsen twins look fat, too much eye shadow, asymmetrical haircuts and clove cigarettes? We were sitting inside the theater, well inside and up on the mezzanine bar level when the overpowering smell of clove cigarettes wafted through the room. Since there is no smoking anywhere inside the theater I must inquire, how many people were smoking outside in front of the theater to get that strong a smell inside?

Then there was the mix of totally 80’s cologne. Do people still buy all that or were they saving it from 20 years ago “just in case” Yaz held a reunion tour and they needed a fix to get them in the mood? Anteus by Chanel was very strong in my seating section and I also could distinctly pick out Kouros and Polo. Seriously, POLO?

Then there was the plethora of “girls night out” looks. You know, they went to Forever 21 and got a light flirty dress almost like they were going to a prom, but a little shorter so it doesn't’ look so dated, with some glitter embellishments so you don’t have to wear so many accessories then tease your hair out as big as inhumanely possible... I think I’ve gotten on the “girls night out” mailing list. I saw a lot of that at Yaz, George Michael, Sex & The City screening... Oh my god, I’m a girl on a night out!

For myself, I opted for understated. Navy blue dress shirt smartly pressed, dark indigo jeans smartly pressed, black patent loafers (as if I was going to a very swell soiree but only my feet would attend) and black Hermes belt with silver “H” buckle. Low hair. Not high hair. And trust me on this There was a LOT OF HIGH HAIR out last night.

On purpose I had purchased seats in the balcony. I could have had seats very close to the front on the main floor but I decided that there were going to many people wetting themselves eager to dance along and I personally would rather sit as much as I could. I chose balcony for it’s pitch to be able to see over people who may stand and for the likelihood that people would have vertigo and not dance so high in the sky. Of course I was wrong. At one point Lyle turned to me and said, “I am very uncomfortable with the way this balcony is bouncing.” I completely agreed.

Before we left the house, Lyle showed me his best mocking of an 80’s dance. I told him his was tame compared to what I could pull off (think Go-Go’s crossed with Rick Astley) and we both wondered aloud how many of those we would see that night. We saw them all. In particular the to the lovely couple in the front row of the balcony that literally danced through EVERY SONG regardless of how slow it went, how on Earth did you not fall out of the balcony and what the hell were you on?
In the foreground two crazy dancers.

Set list:
Nobody's Diary
Bad Connection
Mr. Blue
Good Times
Ode To Boy
Goodbye Seventies
Too Pieces
In My Room
Walk Away From Love
I Before E Except After C (instrumental with no performers on stage, good time for bathroom break, but they come back RIGHT AWAY, so don’t take too long.)
State Farm
Sweet Thing
Winter Kills
Bring Your Love Down (Didn't I)
Don't Go
Only You
After a tight and efficient 1 hour and 20 minute set the show was over. But oh the memories I will take away of having finally seen Yaz live in concert and seeing that drunk woman with the 4 inch white platform shoes pony her way almost successfully down the stairs. I did say ”almost”, WHOOPS!


dit said...

I love that theater, so amazing. Glad you had a good time.

I agree, I think the 80's are back. Look at the clothes on the racks. It is the 80's all over again. People are wearing wayfarers again.

Now, that Polo? Oh my! lol

Great post.

"Just David!" said...

I'm glad I took the time to read this and that I'm not the only one who wears black patent leather shoes with jeans. Those Dolce & Gabbana's are too fierce to sit in the closet! Ha! And, did you help the poor dear in any way and by help, I mean a slight nudge to get the right momentum going for her journey down the stairs?

Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh. What a riot. I didn't realize that there were people actually WAITING for the Yaz reunion tour. What's next on your 80's agenda...The Waitresses??
You should have taken pictures of the outfits. That would have been hilarious. (Not your ensemble, of course. Yours was PERFECT.)

Rachel said...

Oh. my. I think of what I wore back then and I'm happy to say that none if it survived the 80s and stayed firmly back in that decade.

jason said...

Oh wow...*so* jealous!
(I mean really, Yaz! Anteus! Polo??!)
too amazing.

(incredible theater there too)