Sunday, October 25, 2009

Countdown to Costumes, "Giddy Up!"

In San Francisco for Halloween I learned that it is NOT West Hollywood. It's COLD!Note Lyle's last minute "Cowboy Costume". It consisted of his own jeans, his own flannel shirt and sued vest paired with a child's cowboy costume from the drugstore. Tiny felt chaps, a neckerchief, a sheriff's badge and a hat.

I was Peter Pan. I know, not really a costume if you wear it every day, it's just an outfit.

Ten years later and Lyle finally gets the costume he wanted years ago:
This was the year we rented "Real Hollywood Costumes" from Western Costume. Lyle has sueded chaps, a fringe vest (his own Dolce and Gabanna denim shirt, he is gay after all) and oh, that's my cowboy belt.

Notice how I always wind up in a tunic or some really short shorts (or underwear)? Let's face it, I'm all about the legs.


Cheryl said...

You guys look great. Yippee-ki-yea.

jason said...

I love the classics.

"Just David!" said...

what to be this year, what to be? last year was easy,
Dr. Ben Dover-Proctologist.

This year...hmmmm!