Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Wow, Wow, Wow, WOW!

Its good that I write this blog and don't have to record it. I've lost my voice. Two nights of Kylie in a row can have that effect. Seeing Kylie in concert was a moment 21 years in the making. From the first time I saw a Kylie video in London in 1988, to this weekend, I've been waiting far too long.

Since we've been traveling so much lately, Lyle asked to be let off the hook for going with me to see Kylie in Las Vegas. I immediately agreed that both he and the dogs would be happier with that plan, but who would go with me? I needed someone just as crazy as me, if not crazier... A couple of names were tossed around and our friend Erica won the honor! (Bless her heart, she is definitely as crazy if not crazier, than I am.)

We flew out of Burbank Saturday at noon and checked into the Palms Place Hotel at 1:30.
The Palms sign looms large. Matt Goss, Kylie Minogue Live Tonight, and in the background, our room on the 25th floor of the Palms Place Tower.

We had the perfect plan, check in, change into swim togs, grab a bite at the restaurant next to the pool, than bake it the desert sun until it was time for dinner. We changed into our swim costumes, went down to Simon LA (the restaurant next to the pool) and watched in horror as the wind blew everything and everyone around the pool away. Our plan was looking foolish. Then right in front of us a table set for 25 began to fill... "Rockstars!" whispered Erica under her breath at me. My breathing stopped and I waited... could it be?... could it be? could Kylie be grabbing a quick meal right here in front of me before she performs tonight........?


Erica stands up with a quick whispered, "It's not her," followed with, "I'll be right back." and walks right over to now seated table. It's Slash and his wife Perla. Erica has her own high profile life and it just figures, she knows them. After we left, Erica grilled me on how gay was I and did I have any idea who that was. I said I knew that guy was a guitar player. I knew that guy was ranked in the top 5 of all guitar players. I thought I had seen that guy play a solo behind Michael Jackson or someone on a special of some sort... I think that guy wore a top hat. She said, "That's Slash and he was in a band called Guns N' Roses, but when you tell people just put GNR (all caps) and they should know." By the way, she was actually impressed that I could place the other information at all, so was I.

Blown off by the pool, of course we went shopping. It sucked. Not nearly enough sales.But what else could we do to kill time before the big event... getting dressed to see Kylie! I kid you not when I share with you that I was literally jumping up and down in the hotel room while I was getting ready. It was (brace yourself) BIGGER THAN CHRISTMAS for me.

Since I also saw Kylie the next night at the Hollywood Bowl, I've put all the photos together regardless of which night. I thought the second time I would be calmer and less excited. But as we drove home from the airport on Sunday, past the Hollywood Bowl, I realized I had once again stopped breathing at the mere sight of Kylie's name in lights.

You have no idea what an achievement it was to get Erica anywhere out on that balcony.

I know I already posted this, but here is the set list from the Oakland show. She pretty much stuck to it for both shows I saw. The only variance was in Vegas, before the the second encore song, she sang a verse from an unlisted song (shouted out by an audience member) and in Los Angeles she cut the song "The One" and sang a very slow and sweet version of "I Should Be So Lucky".

Our seats in Vegas were fantastic. Our seats at the Hollywood Bowl (though further from the stage) also FANTASTIC. I think we can all agree that no matter where I sat I would have been in heaven.

I can't really place into words all the feelings that rushed over me and how excited I was. Erica kept telling me to not pass out because she couldn't carry me in her heels.

Here are some photos I snapped through both concerts.

Kylie is stunning in sequins.

Those two beauties behind her are her back-up singers. I want their outfits for my Halloween costume. Black on black with boots and two cotton candy pink wigs for shoulder epaulets.

There is a wardrobe change about every four songs (or less) and I've tried to grab each outfit. I'm certain I missed one or two.

Ah, the shower scene... it's almost like she knew her fans would be excited to see men in their underwear taking showers on stage...

This is how she looked all gorgeous up close. But pull back a little and you will see what a modern concert looks like...
All the cell phones and cameras capturing it forever (myself included).

She is walking across the stage on their hands.

Absolutely stunning.

She does a Hollywood Glamour set. When I saw the "view" from the window in Vegas I knew she was playing to the home audience. I was eager to see her "view" in Los Angeles. I hope other fans put their hometown view up as well.

Then it came time for her Cabaret Kit Kat Club segment where she did a sexy strip tease style version of the Loco-motion.
Kylie's boots are Christian Louboutin (of the famous red soles) and retail for $2,735.

I'm getting smarter and no longer scream or shout at concerts. I applaud wildly but save my voice. On the first night in Vegas I held back, I promised myself to not strain my voice... I gave up before even the halfway point and squealed like a 14 year old girl for the rest of the concert. At the Hollywood Bowl I surrendered from the very first. I can't speak. I have no regrets.

After a three song heartfelt encore, our far too brief 2 hour show was over.
Kylie, her dancers and her band take a bow.

I can't really tell you the difference between each show. I was all a flutter during both. I can tell you that the Vegas show was intimate. The Pearl Theater hold about 2500 people. We were at eye level with the stage. after so much anticipation, it went by too fast. The Hollywood Bowl show had a larger audience. Probably about 8,000 people. I think the added energy of the larger crowd fed into the moment. We saw a lot of friends at the Bowl and it felt like a big party.

And now I have to show you what I think may be the gayest picture I've ever posted on the blog. And for this blog, that's really saying something.
Me, Glenn, Zoel, Lyle, Ellys and Phillip moments after the show in our post Kylie glow.


Stephen said...

I am so happy that you got to have this expereince & how nice ofyou to let yout man off the hook & to find another crazy to experience with you. It is important to treat yourself well.
A great post...almost like being there.

Rachel said...

Bigger than Christmas! WOW!

Michael Guy said...

AWESOME! Big snaps for the recap!

ophelia said...

i think i just exploded.

"Just David!" said...

I can't wait to meet Erica, we're on for 10:30 in the morning. I'm so excited, but look who I'm telling about excited, right?

tanya said...

Your smiling so big your face must hurt! So happy for you Jim. Lucky you!